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Hello world!
I have a problem with HMI display element "Binary text"; it has often (not always!) pink border.
This flaw occurs when the element has style "3D pressed", color ON = Green, Color OFF = Gray and Toggle is enabled. 
It is probably some mistake of display itself because using Remote Operator that display looks normally.
I saw this fenomenon on various Enhanced OPLC displays (V1040 / V1210).
Do somebody has the same experience? Is there any possibility to get rid of this?

Thank you, Michal.

Display error.jpg

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You guys!!  It's obviously a girl PLC, using pink!

The law of averages says that you will occasionally get a girl one off the production line.  That accounts for the inconsistent behaviour!

(Oooooops, my wife just hit me!)

cheers, Aus

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