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Message box triggered by bit

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hotwires    14

Dear Community,

Is it possible to have a bit trigger a message box? I have some ladder logic that determines if high and low user definable setpoints are equal to each other or inverse to each other. undesirable setpoint conditions make bit named SP> and SP= go true. Right now I have and indexed HMI text element that shows: legal entries, sp = illegal, sp> illegal, both illegal. I don't really want to trigger an alarm (though i could). The message box would be a nice way to signal operator of an illegal entry. I can't use legal entry ranges on numeric elements because legality is conditional to other setpoints. Thanks


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Ofir    27


You can create a kind of "message box" using a rectangle and some variables on top of it. configure to each one of them Visibility bit.

then when you wish to show this message box set the visibility on. Once the operator chose his option you can reset the bit and the message box will disappear.

you can do the same with custom control.

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ofer.yishai    5


You can also scroll  several  messages on one element, depend on different rising bits for each message.  This by using of  "List of Text Variable" combined with "Event UDFB " that comes with the installation package.



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