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shane Miller

Indirect clock day of week U90 setup

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HI All, 


I am new to the unitronics world and still learning alot of the programming funtions of the u90.


I need to add a day of week selection to my program that can be changed from the HMI display on a jazz. 


any help out there?

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Look in U90Ladder Help for  "Clock Functions", "Indirect Clock Functions:


Open "Indirect Clock Function Example" and follow it.


To scroll, use key 3 (Up) and key 6 (down). To mark/unmark selected entry,  press on +/-/. key.

When finish, press ENTER key. This return field to first value (SUN for  "Day of Week"), etc.

You can assign key to refresh  display and scroll values for review, or you can add an additional  display with marked days of week, etc.

"Day of Week",  for example , represented by bits in linked MI. For marked MON and TUE linked MI =6(4+2). And so one.

I hope this will work for you.



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