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Delete operation failed on SD

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I use trends and they fill up the SD card on the UniStream.  I tried to use the file browser object to manage the SD card.  Specifically I'm trying to delete the 'samples' folder created by the trends.  
When I try using the file browser and UniStream SD Delete (or the one in UniApps) after selecting the 'samples' folder I get an error


File Operation Failed :Check if SD/USB storage device is OK 

Any ideas on how to do this correctly?  
Is something writing to the disk or not properly stopped?    

Right now I have to pull the SD card and delete it on my laptop then put it back into the PLC.  Not very elegant and difficult to do remotely...


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Maybe the folder or one of the files is being used,

You can try using File operations from ladder, if it is something you want to do in code,

UniLogic 1.20 would support automatic file deletion of old files based on rules that can be configured by the user, so your samples folder would not get "exploded".


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