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Unistream and PTO? controling stepper motor?

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Hello , my guestion is:

Can I use Unistream for controling two steppers motors like in Visio 430-J-TR34(PTO)?

We manufactured one machine with this Visio systém. I used predefined bloks and it was OK.

Is something like PTO in Unisteam? Is sample for direct controling two steppers morors?

Thanks Martin

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I want to point that you can use the EXF-RC15 (Remote high speed IO ) on order to use PTO.

The EXF-RC15 will be connected by CANBUS to the UniStream.

The EXF-RC15 can be programmed in VisiLogic.

Attached is an example.

UniStream_070_exf-rc15_PTO_plus_jogging_two_channels new.ulprEXF-RC15 PTO plus jogging two channel for UniLogic examples.vlp

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