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Help picking out analog I/O expansion modules for V1040

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You didn't say what kind of analog inputs you have, but let's guess they are process type 0-10 V or 4-20 mA.

We do not have a high-density analog module - you would need 9 IO-AI8 modules.  For this configuration you would need to utilize a CANbus network with one of the strings of modules connected to an EX-RC1.

Joe T.

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Thanks Joe,

The I do not see the EX-RC1 on your expansion modules page, only the EX-RC15. Would this work as well? Also the EX-RC1 has 8 expansion inputs, would we need two or does the Vision 1040 have inputs of its own? Thank you for your patience I am new to PLC's and am learning.


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The EX-RC1 is actually it's own little "blind" PLC without battery backed memory.  You write a separate program for it and then query it via CANbus.  They are listed under "Remote I/O" in the hardware config dialog.

You can hang eight modules off the V1040, but I would split them up for panel space savings.  The modules are about 4" wide.  The first module in the local chain connected to the V1040 must be an EX-A2X, which doesn't show up on the config picture.  You don't have to write any code to access these modules.  

I've attached sample hardware configuration base programs and assigned the first few channels.  I'll let you try your hand at assigning addresses to the modules.  Post your code when you're done so we can see you did.

Look at the examples under the Help menu to see how to do CANbus.

The analog modules I used are AI8's which don't do thermocouples (that's an ATC8).  They are lower cost.

Joe T.


P. S.  - I'm going to be offline starting next Tuesday for almost three weeks.  There are other moderators who are extremely considerate that will be able to help you.  Post your code with your questions to make our job easier.

V1040 base program.vlp

RC1 Base program.vlp

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