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V280 OS Download error

Gabriel Franco

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Hello, after updating OS to Vision OS - 5.04 (B19) and system fonts V1.30 (B00), PLC did not come up, display flash quickly and do not run application. After several attemps powering it off and on, holding i key, pressing touch and many other combinations, i could get it on boot mode, so download Vision OS - 5.04 (B18). I tried 3 times OS - 5.04 (B19) and happened same. Any idea ?

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I just updated Visilogic Software and before download an application update, it asked me to do it.

Latest OS on dropdown list is V5.04(B19), B18 is previous one and yes, I could get back to B18.

After download B19 OS, software warned something like "reset PLC" (Do not remember exact message), so PLC reinit and happened what I mentioned before.


Why were you trying to change OS?

What exactly happens after you download the new OS?

Was 5.04 (B18) the previous OS?

Can you go back to that OS?

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