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VLP Files Crashing Windows 10 File Explorer

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Just fixed a vexing problem that caused Windows 10 File Explorer to crash without warning any time I tried to display a folder containing a .vlp file.  In fact, any Windows application I used to try accessing a .vlp-containing folder would crash without warning.  Various browsers, MS Outlook, and TreeSize Free were several that I tried.  In addition, the Windows 10 Settings > "Choose default apps by file type" utility would also crash any time I tried to launch it!  And no, I did not try running VisiLogic.  Probably should have, but didn't.  Interestingly, DOS command prompt and DOS dz.exe utility had no problems whatsoever with viewing, creating, and deleting .vlp files.  I've had VisiLogic 9.8.31 installed for quite a while without problems, and this appeared out of nowhere sometime within the last week or two.  Maybe some recent update to Win 10 triggered the problem, but I just wanted to document it in case anyone else experienced this issue.  The steps I took -- and I'm not sure which solved the problem -- were as follows:  

1) Deleted all .vlp file association info from the registry.

2) Set UAC to minimum and uninstalled VisiLogic 9.8.31.  Did not delete extra files as some others have done after uninstalling VisiLogic.

3) Installed latest version of VisiLogic: 9.8.65.

4) Set UAC back to safe setting. 

5) Rebooted.  All better now.  Folders containing .vlp files are accessible and the Settings file association tool works fine.

I am currently running Windows version 10.0.15063.413, although I'm not sure what it was running when I was having problems because Windows pushed two rounds of updates after I installed the newer version of VisiLogic and rebooted.

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