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Hi everyone! I'm having a problem with "Insert String to String" function.. I can't make it works.. Can someone tell me how to use it, and how to fill all the operands?

I just have 2 strings in differents MI, and want them to be just ONE string.


Thanks in advance!

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A = Starting address of the original string

B = Starting address of the string fragment that will be inserted into the original string (A)

C = Offset from the beginning of the original string (where the new string will be inserted). This is in bytes - remember that there are two bytes per MI operand.

D = Starting address of the final composite string

Look carefully at the graphic on the FB when placed in the ladder for clues as to what each operand does.

@Cara Bereck Levy, I really couldn't find any proper help on this function in the help file. Did I miss it?

Also, the tool tips on this function do not provide any useful information.

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