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Basic HMI elements usage

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Hello all,
I'm working on my 1st UniLogic program. I have years experience with AB, Red Lion and some Siemens. This is a new beast to me. How can I do the following:

Make a circle?
Multistate image?
Group graphics?

This is going to be a learning curve!
Thanks for any replies.

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Make a circle - Currently not supported (due to lack of requests to draw a circle). Just put an image with a circle.

Multi-state image - User Binary Image if you have 2 states linked to a bit, List of Images if you have an image per index, or Range of Images of you want to have an image for a number within a range, and different images for different ranges,

Group graphics - Will be supported from version 1.23 (should be released next month), with some other features like Layers, and per element Lock, etc...

You can use Custom Control. Custom Controls allows you to use the same control multiple times with different parameters (it's like a UDFB for screens).

Add a new custom control, put the elements you want inside it, and then go to a screen that you want to use the custom control in it, and drag the custom control from the toolbox. The custom control and all of it's elements will behave as 1 unit.

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Thank you for the reply. A few more questions:

Is there a counter function? I am going to need to develop a run timer for a pump and was just going to increment a counter based on a timer.


Can I configure my analog scaling right in the properties window for the individual input?


Can i move a setpoint from the HMI screen directly into the PID setpoint?



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