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Hi. I am new with a vision120.
I need to know how long a condition is activated. (chronometer). and that when it stops being active it starts at 0. increasing
and I can not find the solution.
thank you very much.

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Thanks for the response.

(sorry mi  English )

but after reading the help section. I have not managed to find anything, all the timers are decreasing. I need that they are increasing And ser  the times  hmi

Thanks again

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They count down by design.

If you want to see the value increase then select "elapsed time" on the timer variable display.

A better option may be to make your own timer by incrementing an ML with the SB 13 one second pulse.  You didn't say how long you want to time for, but this gives you more flexibility.

Joe T.

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SDW 0 is a free-running accumulator with 10 ms precision.   You could use that by making a copy of the value at some time and then doing a continuous subtraction of the current value minus the copy .

SDW 3 counts instances of 2.5 ms.  So it's count at 10 ms is 4.  You could use this and do some math to get real time.

Or you could increment an ML with a self resetting 0.01 s timer:



Now my OCD is kicking in.....

It would be interesting to let it run and compare the accumulated value to a real chronometer and see what the accuracy of the timers are.  Here's one I found online:


The maximum value of an ML is 2,147,483,248, so if you let your accumulator run up to 2,000,000,000  (2 billion) you will have accumulated 231.48 days worth of seconds.

On second thought, that's too long to wait. 

If you let it go for 6 hours your ML should be equal to 2,160,000.  If you ran the online chronometer for 6 hours and you have fast hands you could put a  bit in front of the timer so you could stop and start it from the screen.  Then you could look at the value of the ML when the online chronometer stops compare the two.

Joe T.



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