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"HMI Overload" in version 22.13

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I have updated to the new version UniLogic 1.22.13, and i have a problem. When opening a page with an Trend viewe i get an error message, "HMI Overload".
The program was an updated from UniLogic 1.18.60 to UniLogic 1.22.13.


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Can you send me the project?

I will download it to my PLC and I'll see if I also get an HMI overload. If so, then I'll open a bug report, and if not, then we might need to have a remote session.


Anyhow, in the Ribbon, under PLC --> UniStream Management --> Debug --> Upload Log, select a path where to save a log file uploaded from the PLC.

Enter the display that cause the HMI Overload, and only then upload the log file. After the log upload was completed, go to that path. You should find a file called UniLog.zip

Please send that file to the support, or to me (You can attach it to this thread).



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