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Little HMI for Control Logix

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I'm looking for a cheap solution to have a little HMI display connected to a Control Logix PLC through Ethernet. 

The HMI is for a remote offloading station and there is little to display or control as the hardwired controls are already in place. The display would be mostly to indicate if the offload pumps were inhibited or not and which alarms that affected the pumps were active. 

My problem is that Rockwell discontinued their mini displays or will during this year (this is for an external application) and the HMI's available that are tiny seem to be "locked" into Compactlogix or the Micro800 series. 

Any advice on brands that would do such a device?

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There are some distributors on here that might be able to suggest the absolutely cheapest solution, but (depending on what protocol you need) I would use a Samba SM35 with an Ethernet card. If you must use EtherNet/IP, then there is a 5" UniStream.

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Any of the Visilogic series can be a DF1 slave if you have a serial port on the ControlLogix.

Quite frankly, if all you need is an HMI I'd look at Weintek.  They are marketed in the US as Maple and KEP HMI's and have Ethernet/IP available as a driver.

Joe T.

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