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UDFB show "modify" simbol at the new open...

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Dear All,

I am using the last version 1.23.25 and every time that I open my last project , that is in progress, I have one of my UFDB, always the same, that show the icon as this was modified...I tried "rebuild all" but is the same. If I well remember I have had the same in the past (maybe 1.15.xx)...but I don't remember how I fixed.

just for information... until now my project works properly.


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If you have  a one of the "DTI Column" elements or Modbus aperiodic elements in that UDFB, then that can explain the "modify" symbol. 

We are aware of this issue, and we will address this issue in one of the next versions (The fix for this issue is not yet scheduled).

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