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problems with new realese unilogic 1.23.25

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i have problems with unilogics 1.23.25 where open for work.

I  execute Unilogic Diagnostics and show me  all normal.  I try  open and two seconds after it close , without notifier information.    I don't  have anti-virus in my computer. 

I need help for discover what cause this problem.


Regards , Mauro .5ac6acaee7e90_pop-upalert.png.b52518c3101204f30691794898a9e565.png

pop-up test.png

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yes!  i discover the problem.  This problem is in user. This software not work in all user the computer.  After two days , trying  all solutions ,  by chance.... work.


thanks for your reply.


regards, mauro.

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What do you mean by "This software not work in all user"?

The program does run as Admin (as for this version. Next release will run as standard user), and it runs on the current user that runs the software.


If the folder c:\ProgramData\Unitronics\UniLogic does not have full access to all users, then this could be a problem (Next version installer should set this folder with full access to "Everyone"),

But this usually happens only when UniLogic is not being ran as Admin (which is not the case in 1.23.25)

Can you please describe the problem and the solution, so other people will have a solution, in case they encounter the same problem?

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