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Changed battery without saving the data table

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Changing the Battery:

Is this for V570, V1040,V1210?      Battery can be changed while the unit is powered up.    No Data Lost.

V350, V130, V430, SAMBA -- The Unit has to be opened to change the battery --See Below:


Want to save the current data table but do not have the program?


Open Visilogic - Blank Program

Establish Communications with the PLC

In Project Box, Select Data Tables  -- The Data Table Box Opens - Blank is OK

Select the Icon      "Read Structure and  Values from the PLC "   -- Tables and data will show up

          Save the Data Tables as Excel  or csv files.

         If there are no data tables in the PLC, none will show up.


Also, Under Connection, You can Export the PLC Data- Memory -into a Binary or Text File

       You will get only the MB, MI etc. names and current data.  You will not get the description for the variable - Programmers' Secrets.

        This is the current state of the variables only. -   SB,SI, any Sx  Values will NOT be saved.  Mx,  Xx, T  Values only are saved.

Info Mode will  is also useful to explore and you can record Com setting, Ethernet and Socket Settings

     You can get the name of the Program  that is installed


If you want the ladder --  try for upload.

 1.    Programmer set the Upload Bit and no Password -  then it will upload  -- Save it for future reference!!

   2.   Programmer did not set the upload option -  Forget it, you will not get it, and there is no back door.

3.      Programmer set a password  for the upload and you do not have it -- Forget it, there is no back door, and after a few hacks at the password, the PLC will ignore you.

              2 or 3  --- Contact the company/programmer to get the ladder.  or at least request a downloadable file  to reprogram the PLC if needed

                                    ( The downloadable file is compiled code only, cannot be opened - useful if the PLC Fails)









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