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Jazz Run time error 380

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Hi, have a program in a Jazz JZ20-J-R31 that has been causing a bit of grief. Have been working on it for a few weeks on and off O.K. Today when I go online with Jazz it will go online but when I start running the programme it comes up with "Run time error 380 invalid property value" click OK then see "Error in BuildMixRequestForLadder"  click OK then see "Run time error '-2147418105 (80010007)':

Then the U90 software shuts down. When I start it up again it says 'not shut down prperly' etc. Using U90 V6.6.36

Have tried 2 different PLC's, different cables, and another laptop running windows 7. Normally use win10.

Kinda looks to me like a program issue? Did have problems earlier in the day with a message saying too many variables with limits, or something like that. Would not down-load so had to chop a few out until it would down-load prog. No I didn't take proper note of the fault - oops.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Craig


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With a fresh install of U90, make a copy of the complete "Unitronics U90 Ladder" installation folder. Send a blank program to the plc.  Power off etc and then do a compile on your program and fix any errors it brings up before sending it again. See what happens.  If it gets in the loop again, simply paste the copy back over the "now looped up" installation folder to instantly get out of the loop before delving deeper into what is causing the problem in your user program.



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