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Send Video with email

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I have a questions for send Video file attached to an e-mail.

My PLC is UniStream 5” US5-B10-TR22 and the version software of Unilogic is 1.23.25 and I use modem GSM/GPRS for send the e-mail.

The Email and Account is all correct, I can send without problem the e-mail with a file data in attachments like “name.csv”.

Since I can not define in the attachments of the email the folder "video" of the SD I put the video in the folder "screenshots" for attach and send it (see image)

When I send the mail I have the follow error: "Attach file error" this error is because for that folder is only for ".jpg" files?

Renaming the extension of the video in "name-video.jpg" instead of "name-video.wmv" the email is sent correctly!

By downloading the video on the PC and renaming it with the right extension (.wmv) I can open it correctly.
In all the e-mails sended I have "Time Out", why?

My question is:

How can I send the video without modify the extension?

(The UNISTREAM transfer the video in automatically from the external SD inside an IP-Cam by using FTP protocol communication)



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Hello Eugenio,

Currently we not supporting video files attachments, you can use FTP client to send the video file to a server and than you can take any action you want from that server.

Good Luck!

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