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Unfortunately, no. This has long been requested to no avail. You can run two instances of VisiLogic, but they run in their own separate memory space and thus you cannot copy/paste from one to the other.

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Hi Visco, Flex is correct but sort of.  You can do this in a roundabout way.  Have a look at my topic here:

You can pretty much do as many instances as you want, and skip b/n them.

For your cut and paste answer, what you can do is use Export/Import which is available as various Right Click options on hovering over different items.

So to Copy X routine into your new program, in the running Visi with your source you right click/export and then in your other instance of running Visi you import it to where needed.  You can do this with just one instance of Visi by changing programs, but having 2 instances on screen is easier.  BUT...

AND THIS IS A BIG BUT(T!!  I'm sure there's a joke there that these days would get someone somewhere angry!)  You have to be very careful that all the operands in your import are not already in use, as things just get brought in and added without regard to what is there.   So it is useful, but has to be applied judiciously.

I talk about this in the middle of the second topic mentioned in the above topic.  My print as a pdf method is often far easier to work with, even though it is actual keyboard work.  I remember mentioning on the forum the ability to copy paste with control over the operand numbers would be the ideal solution, but couldn't find it quickly and it also hasn't happened.  So we are stuck with current procedures which work....sort of.

All excellent programmers always think way ahead and figure out that we might need 15 subroutines from program X in new program Y, and actually start with Y and trim it down and then add all the new stuff.  Yeahh......right! 




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Hey Aus, THANK YOU! thats not the most ideal way, but is is a way and I'll take it. Ihave a PLC on my desk I test with, then want to transfer snippets to the actual program (as many do).

@Cara Bereck Levy Hopefully our bestest,  most awesome, favorite, and elegant moderator reads this and puts in a feature request for us.  It would be nice to have tabs of open programs then it would be in the same running application that would allow us to copy and paste. Cara, did I mention that you are our favorite? :) 

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