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UnCmDrv1 and Visual C# 2017

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New Issue:

    It appears that I have resolved the communication issue with this driver. However; the new problem is that when I pull information from the PLC (Either MB, MI, ML, etc...) the values being

returned are that of Boolean. I am looking in to switching to the .net Driver; has anyone had the same problem or know of a solution to fix that instead of changing drivers?


********************************* This communication issue has been resolved*****************************

I am writing code that will allow me to pull and push data to v290/530 Vision PLC.

I am writing in C# on Visual Studio 2017. I am making all the correct calls, however; the code cannot talk to the plc.

I can ping the plc just fine in a command line on the same machine I am coding. I can see the PLC using Visilogic.

Example of my code:


clsCommDriver plccomm1 = new clsCommDriver();

plccomm1.Comm_Autodetect = true;

plccomm1.Comm_TimeOut = 1000;

plccomm1.Comm_Retries = 1;

plccomm1.Ethernet_Protocol = UnCmDrv1.enEthernetProtocol.eEP_TCP;

plccomm1.Ethernet_RemotePort = 20256;

plccomm1.Ethernet_RemoteIP = "";




It seems that after this, I do a MessageBox.Show(plccomm1.Ethernet_Connect()); and the only result I get is false.

Any and all suggestions are weclome.

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