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Parallel programming

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I'm looking for a solution to run 1 function multiple times at the same time with different values. 
I've already made a function with local tags, function in tags and function out tags.
Inside the function is a small calculation and a short delay, divided in steps.

I think the timer is the biggest problem, how can I solve this? How can I make a timer a local tag?

Thank you in advance.

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How long is your short delay?

I'd look into the system tags and roll my own timer.  

For a longer time, you could use Frequency.Frequency 100 (ms) and increment a counter.

For more precise time, create some logic that takes a snapshot of the value of General.Milliseconds Counter, add your preset to it, and then wait until it's current value exceeds the sum.

That's just what comes to mind.

Joe T.


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