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Total Working Hour of the Machine

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New to Unitronics  and basically newbie programmer, can I ask for help on what I'm trying to achieve. I have bought a Samba unit and trying to use on our Shot Blasting Machine we are manufacturing. I have done the Program Ladder and  it works perfectly fine, also I managed to incorporate my ladder into HMI Screen  for Displays. Now I want a Total Working Hour (Blasting Hour) Indicator of the Machine on my HMI . On the HMI, I used a Variable  Timer Indicator link to a Timer (TE) on my Ladder. But it doesnt retain the Value and every time a cycle (work) is done it resets. I want the total (accumulated)l hours retained on the Display, because it will tell us to replace the Blasting Wheel (a part of the machine). I will aprreciate your help thanks. 

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I would do it this way:


ML 0 would be your total accumulated hours. You could add a reset pushbutton that zeroes both ML 0 & MI 0 when the blasting wheel is replaced.

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