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PCOM RS232 Ascii Message Mystery

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I have inherited a project from an engineer who is no longer with my company. The system is a Vision120 communicating to a pc running windows 95.

I am tasked with understanding this older system and start to implement updates. I have figured out 99% of the program and communications that is happening with the PC but there is one Command sent to the Vision 120 from the PC that I don't understand what it is for.

PC:  /00IDED.

PLC: /A00IDVUN2A4500153.

The ID Command is not covered in the standard PCOM manual. Is there a more thorough PCOM Manual Some Where? 


Thank you for any assistance.


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This is a version / ID  command.

ID is the command, and the ED is the checksum

The PLC replies with the Model and OS version.

VUN2 is V120-12-UN2, and I'm guessing the OS version is 4.50.15 (I didn't try to debug it. I just parsed the reply in my head with a given Regular Expression, so I might be mistaken about the os version).




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