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Rs232 Scanner and Jazz20

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Hi All,

I am trying to connect a barcode scanner to a Jazz20 t40 with a JZ-RS4 connector. I can connect the scanner to a PC and read the output which I set to ;##? where # are numbers. So I get for example ;03? when i scan a barcode. I connected the scanner to the Jazz but it doesn't seem to be receiving anything. Are the pins connected correctly and is my basic ladder OK (based on the example in the help)?Pins.PNG.635ce1b0d7875e23ee5cab1ed4919860.PNGBarcode.thumb.PNG.8d185a81ab41aa5384c03d26a09dc196.PNG

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Please check RX TX signal wire.

As i see on pic - crossover cable needed to conect barcode scanner to Jazz.


Now scanner is wired to PC connection and Jazz is the same ready to PC connection  --- make cross RX and TX and  connect GND! 



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