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Joe Tauser

Adventures In UniStream conversion from Visilogic - PWM

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I'm converting a V700 program to UniStream and came across a PWM SCAN block for heater SSR control.  I searched the Toolbox and the Help and came to learn that the PWM block is not a standard block in UniLogicLand.  Then I went looking on the UniStream software and hardware forums - nothing there.

After about an hour of getting frustrated I looked through the UniLogic examples.  Which I don't normally do - I'm an experienced programmer, by cracky!😫

Anyway, lo and behold, there was a PWM example.  Turns out the PWM block has been morphed to a UDFB, which was actually pretty easy to implement after I figured out one of the input tags is a TIMER data type.  Fortunately one of the Creators thought of this.

So I'm posting the UDFB for everyone's reference.

Joe T.


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Ahh... if Joe T. can do it I so can I. Not saying it's because I'm smarter.... Just relentless and tenacious. Once I get my head around something, look out, it's like I'm running with scissors. lol 

plus there’s alway the “ask Joe” option if I get stuck. 

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Hi @Joe Tauser,

I am wondering if there is a way to configure HSO as PWM output with Target value on UIS-WCB2 module. 

I made this post 

just now, so if you can reply on there. 



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