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Remote Operator Windows 10 touch screen problem

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I am experiencing an issue while trying to run the remote operator from a Windows 10 Pro tablet:

When the tablet is connected to a PLC, a double-click is required in order for the app to register a touch to the PLC. I know that the touch screen is working fine and even the Remote Operator app is fine because I can navigate the menus and even Run/Stop the connection with  a single tap. 

Additionally, everything works normally when I use a USB mouse connected to the tablet so I know there is some compatibility issue between the touch screen and the way the Remote Operator registers touches. 

The tablet I am using is Dell Latitude 12 7000 7202

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Haven't had this.  What PLC?  I only use plcs without touchscreen.

I'd also be looking at an obscure tablet screen related setting somewhere.  One area that you might look at is the zoom settings.  My cheap W10 tablet does odd things with certain programs if I don't get this right.....and sometimes "right" looks a decidedly odd setting.  Or perhaps a timeout or touch reset is occurring somewhere, that needs an initial tap to get things going again.

Also, check that both the driver is up to date, or perhaps roll backwards a bit to see if that helps.  New isn't necessarily the best.

cheers, Aus

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