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Remote Operator And Access

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Good morning, please i have a challenge on the 2 issues listed below;

1.     I configured my unistream plc to ethernet and i was able to control it from a system to VNC but this is only when am around the facility using same IP with PLC but trying to access it from another region through another internet provider, it does not connect. please what is the way out so that i will be able to monitor and control remotely

2.     I tried configuring the android remote operator but its just giving configuration error. what is the way out ?


Please i need a way out to make my process completed.


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I could be wrong, but my understanding is that Remote Operator and Remote Access are for the Vision line only. The UniStream uses VNC.

It sounds like you are trying to access the PLC while external to the network it's on. You must take certain actions in order to do that and I recommend that you consult with the IT professional that has responsibility for the intranet the PLC is on. This issue is unrelated to the PLC, but is common to every device that you might want to communicate with from the internet. One common method for accessing a PLC on an internal network from the internet is to use port forwarding on a router, though that is not the most secure way.

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