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I have an application with V1210 + EX-A2X expansion adapter + 2x IO-DI16 + 2x IO-RO16 + IO-D16A3-RO16 + IO-AI8 that is failing "Stop reasons: Expansion Error", I am unable to correct the failure, this project initially did not include the IO-D16A3-RO16 adapter, after installing this adapter that the failure started to occur, the project also has 96 interface relays, the 220Vac to 24Vdc converter with 5A current

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On the 16-16, have you got the input wiring configuration correct for using either NPN or PNP?  Is it matched to the setting in Hardware Setting of the Module, in Visilogic? 

All other wiring correctly done and linked to the D16-R16 according to the various install pdfs?

Confirm there is no snap-in on the 1210.

Please elaborate on your "96 interface relays".

cheers, Aus

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How Many  IO-D16A3+RO16 do you have?   1  or 4 ?

IF you Have Only 1  IO-D16A3-RO16   -- where did you place it in the sequence  -- Before or after the IO-AI8? ,  and did you adjust the Hardware Setup in the V1210 Accordingly?

If you have  4  IO-D16A3-RO16 then :

The EX-A2x can handle a Maximum  of 8 I/O Modules.

DI16 + DI16 + RO16+ RO16 + D16A3/RO16 + D16A3/RO16 + D16A3/RO16 + D16A3/RO16 + IO-AI8  = 9  Expansion!           (96 Relay Out )

IF THIS IS YOUR CASE, THEN you will have to remove the IO-AI8,  And Buy a  EX-RC1  and use the CANBUS Port  on the V1210 to talk to it and the IO-AI8

The EX-RC1  is an Expansion Port   Adapter  Module to add  more I/O modules to a Vision System.  It uses CANBUS protocol to interface to the V1210.

Under Help - Examples- V900-Communications-EX-RC1-EX-RC1 with Analog   - this will guide you for the Interface required for both the V1210 and the EX-RC1.

Also check Help.  The EX-RC1 has some smarts to do the communications and transfer the Data.  The EX-RC1  has to be programmed to set it up properly.





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