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The input from the PT100 sensor will be placed in the operand you select in the HW Configuration. It will have a resolution of tenths of a degree (you can select either C or F). The value will have an implied decimal (i.e., 102.6 degrees will have the value 1026 in the integer operand you select).

You can then display that on the HMI screen using the HMI Numeric function and selecting 1 decimal place in the configuration box for the numeric variable display.

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Hi again,

I displayed the temperature in the HMI but now I have a problem with controlling the system with the values of the temperature.

I'll explain, I want to display the temperature on the screen and when it reaches a value that I choose it will active an output of an external alarm.

Any ideas? 


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On 2/12/2020 at 5:59 PM, ASSAFLOZ said:

I'm new to unitronics and visilogic

Assafloz, it appears to me that this statement should read "new to plc programming and how PLCs work in the first place".  All of the questions you are asking a simple basics, and are easily found yourself by consulting Visilogic's HELP files that have an abundance of information.

This forum is mainly made up of volunteers who are quite happy to share advice/experience with difficult or peculiar issues they may encounter during constructing a program.  We are not really wanting to give up our precious time to teach people the very basics of how to do things.

To this end I strongly suggest that you look in the Help files and have a good read though all of the things found under "Getting Started".  Once that intrigues you enough, you might even like to look at some of the Examples to see how things have been done.

Imagine how you would feel if your phone was constantly rung by people you don't know asking how to unscrew the cap off a bottle of soft drink.  That's essentially what you are doing.  This might sound harsh, but that's the reality of the situation so please take this constructively.



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A good place to start is Help->Examples.  There you can see many, many PLC programs doing various tasks.

After you've done some self-study by reviewing this examples have a try at programming and post your program.  We can be of much more assistance if we can see what you've done on your own.

Joe T.

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