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Hi there guys,

Can anyone give me some tips on the following argument ?

I would like to communicated from a Cognex Camera to a V570 using RS232 on the Camera side and RJ11 on V570 side . After i get communication sorted out i would like to transfer strings and save them on the PLC

Any have ever did this??

Any help whatsoever ?

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Why not use ethernet?

I give support to Unitronics OPLC's and Cognex Vision Systems at Isotron in the Netherlands, and made already communication with it together.

I always used the ethernet, and not the serial.

But you can go with Modbus, or native mode, depending on the task you will do.

Attached 2 examples, one for Modbus and one for native mode.

If you need more, let me know.

Remco Labordus

Cognex Insight with Vision OPLC Modbus TCP.zip

cognex unitronics.vlp

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As a starting point, you could take a look at the FB Protocol example projects.

Choose 'Examples...' from the Help menu in Visilogic and then drill down to the directory 'Version 900\Project examples\Communications\FB Protocol'.


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