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Kieran B

Polling various Modbus slaves and registers

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Hi there, 

I have to update program on a site where we already have 2x samba 43 in place, 

I will need to poll some modbus values and show them on the displays from 4 RS485 devices, - VSD and soft starters, these will all be on a RS485 to TCP gateway, in my complete program

I have made a separate working example of what i'm trying to do, by using 2 spare sambas i have, as a master & slave combo i just wanted to know if its the best practice way of doing it when polling the 24 to 30 different values needed

I am also curious about the settings to do with SB168 Link lost auto recover, do i then need to set some time values in SI 103-110 to make it work properly?

Any help or advice is always appreciated!


network.vlp network slave.vlp

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