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SCADA to PLC and PLC to PLC communications

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The only built in serial is the mini USB for programming

Also in the Samba 7 technical spec :

6. The user may order and install one or both of the following modules:
- A serial RS232/RS485 isolated/non-isolated interface module, or an Ethernet Interface module in port 2.
- A CANbus module
modules documentation is available on the Unitronics website.


So I have Ethernet modules and CANbus modules available for the Sambas, and the Vision is delivered with it built in !



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I have just learned that I can do a Broadcast in UniCAN to all controllers on the network, brilliant!

The only downside is I am going to have to spend a load of time learning how UniCAN works..................

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You may use Modbus TCP using UDP instead of TCP, then you have not to connect/disconnect from the slave every time you want to communicate with the next one. Only add a small timer between slaves. I´ve used a timer as short as 10 ms with sucess.


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