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New VisiLogic Version 9.8.64

Cara Bereck Levy


This major release introduces a number of new features that will boost your productivity, such as wide Ladder nets and dynamic I/O configurations. You can download it from here: https://unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic/

In addition, when you install this version and open it for the first time, a pop-up will allow you to access app store links for Unitronics’ Remote Operator for Mobile app.

Unitroniics Remote Operator for mobile.png


Remote Operator for Mobile

 The Help menu now offers a link that will access the App store. In addition, the Help topic Remote Operator via Mobile App now contains QR codes that you can scan with your mobile to get the app.

2X the Space

VisiLogic Ladder nets are now wide, and reach completely across your PC screen - no empty areas.  This gives you twice the editing space.

Switching I/O Configurations

Once you have added I/O Expansion Modules to your project, you can create variations called 'IO Module Configurations'.

Configurations are hardware profiles that enable a controller to run the application if it has a physical I/O configuration that is different from the full I/O Configuration in the project. Each profile that you create has an index number.

You determine which configuration is active by storing a value in SI 205. The application will run according to the selected Config without error.

To enable your program logic to run correctly when switching configurations, you must map the digital inputs and outputs to MBs, and use these MBs as program conditions instead of Input and Output operands. Since analog I/Os are linked to operands, they do not require any special handling.


Run As Admin

VisiLogic and other software utilities are now set to "Run as Admin".

Navigation Tree

Simple, static HMI elements such as lines and circles now appear on the Project
Navigation Tree under Static.

Remote Access:

You can now Jump to Display in Alarms when running Remote Access.

V700, SI 184: Port

SI 184 Indicates which port is installed: 0-none, 1-serial, 2-ethernet,4-Profibus

PID Server

You can now export using different pictures and data formats. Note that the Excel file is saved as .xls file that cannot be opened in office 2013 but can be opened in office 2010 .

HMI Zoom

You can now zoom  HMI displays to twice their size, when editing displays for V700 and V1040, V1210 .


Separators are now supported when importing/exporting.

You can also select whether to import Fast operands, preset/current of timers and counters.

The CSV of operand descriptions now includes a row of operands types.

While importing, VisiLogic now displays a progress bar.

Data Table Import

When importing a .UPD file,  you now have options to Select all and Clear all

Project Memory Map

Project memory map now displays topic sizes.

SMS Configuration (V2xx only)

SMS configuration  now supports Eastern Europe language set.

VisiLogic GUI: Russian

The VisiLogic Interface can now be translated to Russian.


Comments are fully printed when printing Ladder.

Data Table export

Each Data table field can be assigned a special caption and format for export to Excel.

FB Protocol, CRC

A new type, CRC-16/BYPASS is now supported.

Keyboard symbols

 Virtual keyboards now have the underscore symbol where the copyright symbol was held.



Recommended Comments

Just downloaded this new version, and did a clean install on a stand-alone "sandbox" PC (just a bit of caution on my part, evaluate before I install on my main work station).

Thank you for the wide ladder area, I've been grumbling about that empty space for years, that will cut down on the wrap-around rungs.

I suppose it would be too much to ask for, but it would be nice if when you open an older project, and the Version Update window opens telling you it's going to update the project to the new version, that it could also remove the wrap-around lines and put the rung in a straight line (or fewer wrap-arounds depending on how long the rung is).

The Mobile Remote Operator is also an interesting feature, but there are those of us who have Androids but don't like being tied to Google-world, any chance you could make the APK install file available for download on the Unitronics website for those of us who prefer to do manual installs?


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