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Partnering to Combat the Global Medical Ventilator Shortage

Cara Bereck Levy


People--If you are involved, or want to get involved with one of these projects--let us help!!!
(BTW, I spent some time lurking on on of the SLACK forums devoted to this subject--and let me tell you: "Geeks will save us all". Just amazing, the level of collaboration and thinking-out-of-the-box, AMAZING )

On to our official invitation:====================================================================

Partnering to Combat the Global Medical Ventilator Shortage
One Integrated Solution for Precise Medical Ventilator Control & Automation
Rapidly achieve CONTROL of any Ventilator requirement with Unitronics
Global Challenge: Rapid Ventilator Production
Ventilators save lives—and there is a world-wide shortage. The global pandemic crisis is creating a vast surge of severely ill patients whose only hope for survival is mechanical ventilation. Medical procurement agents are in fierce competition to purchase ventilators, factories are retooling to produce them, and grassroots engineering initiatives are in full swing. Never before has the global village been so united against a common threat.
Unitronics Meets the Challenge:
Easy Automated Ventilator Control
The requirements of ventilator control are complex.
Note that any ventilation mode, invasive or non-invasive, can be easily automated with Unitronics PLCs in order to comply with changes in recommended treatment.
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Check Mark.PNGOperate Panel while Gloved

Check Mark.PNGClear Status View

Check Mark.PNGProven High Performance

Check Mark.PNGColor TOUCH Displays

Check Mark.PNG24/7 Technical Support

Check Mark.PNGFlexible & Customizable

Check Mark.PNGImmediate Product Supply

Check Mark.PNGAlarms: Audible & Visual

Check Mark.PNGEasy Integration with Any CPR System

Check Mark.PNGCompact & Low Weight

Check Mark.PNGNotifications sent to Mobile

Check Mark.PNGEasy to Use


Unitronics is committed to the global effort to develop and produce ventilators for the health crisis. Our team of professional Support Engineers is standing by, ready to help you evaluate, plan, and progress with your medical ventilator project or production.

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Unitronics Partnering to Combat the Global Medical Ventilator Shortage_960X960.jpg



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