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Loadcell! BACnet IP server! UniLogic Spring 2020 Release!

Cara Bereck Levy


Hi people!

Unitronics Spring 2020 release introduces a powerful feature—UniStream controllers can now function as BACnet IP Servers. Particularly valuable for Unitronics users who are active in Building Automation and Environmental Control, UniStream BACnet Server supports a broad range of Services, Objects, and Tasks—we invite you to activate the trial license to check it out!

This new release increases your project reach with:

New Ethernet-based URB Components:
- I/O Modules: Loadcell/Strain-gauge, PWM, and Pulse I/O modules
- I/O Adapter: URB-TCP2, a compact, competitively-priced adapter that supports up to 6 URB I/O modules

UniLogic’s New High-priority Ladder Task:
Runs independently of your Ladder program according to a specific time interval, for example 1ms. Use our new Immediate Ladder functions to implement ‘Interrupt’ functionality

New 4G /LTE & WiFi Cellular:
Unitronics Routers support embedded SMS functionality


⚠️ A word regarding security: Unitronics tracks the dynamic challenges that cybersecurity presents to industrial automation. To enable you to better protect your application and prevent unauthorized PLC access, we have embedded user authentication measures into both UniLogic software and UniStream firmware. UniLogic now requires users to enter a PLC password before executing commands and tasks that require UniLogic to UniStream communication.

We highly recommend you take this opportunity to benefit from the increased security offered in this version release. To do so, you must update your UniLogic software, upgrade UniStream firmware, and download an application created/updated in this current version.

Click here to see the full list of version changes

Click here to download the latest version of UniLogic

⚠️  The current version is UniLogic 1.29.103, OS 1.29.128. A previous version, UniLogic 1.29.103, OS 1.29.128  failed to update successfully in  UniStream Modular controllers: USP-070-B10/B08, USP-104-B10/ M10, and USP-156-B10. 
If you downloaded 1.29.103, please replace it with the current version.


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