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CanOpen Basics



As a supplement to the example program I posted earlier, I've put together this PDF guide. It explains how the program operates, and goes into some light detail about CanOpen itself, as implemented in Unitronics. Hopefully, it will help give the new CanOpen-er a boost in the right direction.

Like everything in this blog, this is open. If you see a correction or think something needs covered that isn't, let me know and I'll add on to it.

Hope it helps!


CanOpen Primer.pdf


Recommended Comments

Hi Tim

I'm finally working on my first CanOPEN project comprising of a V1040, 1 x Weiss (Acopos) Rotary Servo, 3 x Festo Servo's and 1 x Sick Flexisoft safety controller.

I've bought (on your recomendation) the CanOpen Magic Pro software, waiting for the USB adapter to clear customs!

A question though.

The Festo servo's are DSP402 which appears to be an add on to DS301? From looking at the EDS file it seems there are standard 402 index's such as 6041 -Statusword. I am planning to map relevant 402 index's to PDO's. Do you foresee any problems?

Thank-you. Your help file has been extremely useful.

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