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  2. I agree a long while has gone past with nothing apparently being done. But as a Non-Unilogic user I don't know for sure....perhaps it has...I'm only going on what people say! That said, I think a work-around would be a virtual PC running concurrently. My virtual PCs are only XP and I don't think Unilogic would run on them, so I can't say for sure, but I reckon that a later Windoze version would work. Perhaps cut and paste might even work.....but I doubt it. Sometimes I have had actions possible b/n my virtual systems and the real one that I can't normally easily achieve . On the
  3. a long time has passed, several versions have been released and nothing on the subject. It is sad not to pay attention to a subject with such relevance.
  4. 馃憤 Dzi臋ki za podane przyk艂ady. W moim uk艂adzie jest to pompa g艂臋binowa ,sk膮d wod臋 pompuje do zbiornika ci艣nieniowego i dalej na niewielki warsztat.Kiedy nie ma poboru wody pompa pompuje do max ci艣nienia i ma si臋 wy艂膮czy膰.Jesli spadnie do oko艂o 2bar ponownie za艂膮cza i dobija do 6. Tak ja to sobie wymy艣li艂em prosto wydawa艂o si臋 偶e b臋dzie 艂atwo... Ale niestety Pozdrawiam Thanks for the examples given. In my system, it is a submersible pump, from which it pumps water to a pressure tank and then to a small workshop. When there is no water intake, the pump pumps
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  6. Gert, im doing a similar application with an ABB ACQ580 - Fena-21... in your logic, you have vector length a 1. which makes sense in the logic that youve presented. Did writing 1151 start the drive and 1150 stop the drive? Did you read or write any more data to/ from the drive? in my application, im looking to also send a speed reference. Would i just increase my vector length to read or write to another register in the drive? Thanks in advance!
  7. I know, I know, I'll have to change my naming conventions. By Help files I mean everything that's under the Help Tab . 馃槈 cheers, Aus
  8. Some tips... 1.Please place ladder net to separate rung. (Do not place many ladder net to one place -- please see start of your program). 2. You did not post you pump setup. If your pump do not have some water pump pressure tank - it is problem with pump start behavior. 3. Please see this topic for select idea of deadband control. 4. Your idea with timer for start condition maybe ok. But what happend when pump do not off for 2s at pressure over 6Bar?
  9. Dziekuje kolego Kratmel!! Poczyta艂em troch臋 i zrobi艂em taki pr贸bny program. Przetestowa艂em czujnik ci艣nienia i wy艣wietlanie warto艣ci ci艣nienia jest OK. W moim uk艂adzie chodzi o to 偶eby za艂膮cza膰 pomp臋 wody kiedy ci艣nienie spadnie do 2bar , i wy艂膮czy膰 je艣li osi膮gnie lub przekroczy 6bar. Do艂o偶y艂em te偶 Timer op贸藕nienia sterowania pomp膮 ,ze wzgledu na brak stabilnego ci艣nienia w uk艂adzie. Je艣li m贸艂g艂by艣 ewentualnie zobaczy膰 i poradzi膰 czy jest ok? Dzi臋kuj臋 bardzo za pomoc Pozdrawiam 馃 Thank you buddy Kratmel !! I did some reading and did a trial progra
  10. Hi, I've written a program which has a 'save user settings' and 'restore user settings'. Unfortunately, the code I ended up with is really complicated and I worry that future programmers will have a difficult time understanding how it works. I've included a small snippet below for reference. Is there a way to save settings on the SD card and load them back in without writing it into ladder logic, or other ways to achieve the same objective? Thanks in Advance- Zac
  11. Hello Flex727 and Joe, Thanks for your reply. I managed to connect the AI to the AO, and it works properly. See attached document. Maybe you have some remarks and tips you can share. Rob Start.ulpr
  12. I'm assuming you're reading the same tag from UniCloud as you have mapped to the the display that the VNC client is showing. If so, send this one to support@unitronics.com. Joe T.
  13. The current version of UniLogic is 1.31.146. Download that and update the OS on your PLC. You should be getting a free trial UniCloud account. It should work after your PLC is updated. Joe T.
  14. Thank you AlexUT. I have since read that the model we have been using in the past year or so is Unicloud ready but doesn't come with the 5 year subscription. I'll contact our local supplier for the options.
  15. Yes, and example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation, and webinars on YouTube. They are quite good.
  16. Last week
  17. Gili, if you haven't found it yet, there is a wealth of information in the Help files. In your case it can be found under the Contents tab, shown as HMI Displays. Many users completely miss the existence of the Help files, not knowing how useful they are. cheers, Aus
  18. If you've already started on a program upload it to your post and we can see how you've done the I/O mapping and what model numbers you are working with. Joe T.
  19. Mog臋 pom贸c znale藕膰 b艂臋dy w twoim programie. Ale musisz uwa偶nie przeczyta膰 pomoc do Visilogic i spr贸bowa膰 zbudowa膰 sw贸j w艂asny program. Przyk艂ady r贸偶nych program贸w znajduj膮 si臋 w pomocy Visilogic i za艂膮cznikach do temat贸w z forum. Spr贸buj zbudowa膰 schemat systemu sterowania i zaprogramuj projekt Visilogica. Nast臋pnie opublikuj schemat i projekt w tym temacie. Pozdrawiam I can help to find bugs in your program. But you must read carefully help to Visilogic and try to build your own program. Samples of different programs is present in visilogic help and forum
  20. Hi Gonzalo!! Did you have some advances on tihs matter?? If you have it, it would be nice to talk about, im traying to do the same... Saludos! Benjam铆n.
  21. Just place a Numeric variable on the HMI screen and check the box for Keypad Entry.
  22. HI! I am new here and this is my first project:) I want to do a Bang Bang temperature control. I want the user to be able to insert the hysteresis (T high and T low) from the HMI. I didn't found a function in the HMI section which allow to insert inputs, Does anyone know of such a function? Thanks!
  23. Is this what you're looking for? You can just right-click on your positive transition contact for I 5, select Replace Ladder Element, and select negative transition.
  24. Right click on the P in the I5 element and select replace ladder element then select Negative transition element
  25. Dzi臋ki wielkie.!!! A mo偶na te warto艣膰 wy艣wietli膰 na wska藕niku Meter co艣 jak pr臋dko艣ciomierz? Chc臋 zrobi膰 uk艂ad za艂膮czania pompy i wy艂膮czania w zale偶no艣ci od cisnienia. Jestem troche s艂aby w visilogic.. Pozdrawiam
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