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  2. Well, after a few trials I noticed that my inverter is not getting the information due the "function in progress" bit from my modbus config is being high for too long. And now that is what i would like to know how could i prevent it from happening? just in case i uploaded the program i am using there. Modbus failure.vlp
  3. Thanks NoamM I will upgrade to the latest version the next time I am on site. I can see the "clear alarms" bit in "ACTIONS" but this only clears all active alarms. Is there a bit I can set to clear the alarm history? Normally after commissioning and testing a system I have many alarms that I have tested. I dont want the customer to see these alarms or he will think the unit has had major problems. Forget the second part - i found the location of the clear button in the properties window. Regards Denis
  4. Dear NutzlosNorm, I added your request to R&D To-Do-List, no guarantee due
  5. Hi Dave, in my opinion this is a good request...because, I think, all of us have one or more debug pages about the I/O status (also to force the output as test)...and always I have to manually write the "name" of the I/O that usualy is the same, or can be, as usedin the "alias".
  6. Dear sgull, Issue "Alarm 'dateTime' sort is by text and not by date" resolved from version 29 and above. Also from version 29 and above (clear button)
  7. Post your program so we can see how you're handling Modbus. Joe T.
  8. This is actually not a trivial problem. It consists of three logical parts: 1. The primary TD timer (not hard) 2. The blinking lamp is achieved by two more timers - one for ON and one for OFF off the lamp. 3. Some math to examine the primary timer's preset vs accumulator %, decrease the OFF timer's preset, and increase the ON timer's preset. The sum of those two presets must equal the primary timer's preset. This is probably the easiest solution. If you want to take a swing at it and post your program we can probably help. Joe T.
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  10. Does anyone know of a way that I could use the Alias name of an I/O tag, as a text variable? What I would like to do, is create screens that display the status of connected I/O. The status would be indicated by a binary image element. Beside the indicator element, I would like to have a text box that I could link to the Alias name of the respective I/O. That way, if/when I/O Alias names change, the associated text boxes, on the I/O Status screens, would change accordingly. If there is no way to currently do such a thing, perhaps the almighty creators would consider ma
  11. Hi Alex Thanks for your reply. The unit is on site and has been running for a year. This is the only issue I can see. I dont like upgrading the software on a unit that is working unless I have a good reason to do so. It is difficult to get downtime on the machine and they normally give me a very small window for modifications. Do you know if this is a known issue with 1.28.34 that has been solved with later versions? Also is there any way to completely wipe the alarm history? Regards Denis
  12. Thank you @Flex727! The combination of Positive Transition Contact and Set Coil made the thing much clearer and easier! Here's the visual representation of the state in the 3rd net (according to your image) The 2nd and the 3rd valve need to make space for the main cylinder (1st valve) and then as soon as it is enough space for both (2nd and 3rd valves) cylinders they get back to "high" state. And that's the whole cycle... Thank you very much
  13. Actually, running some more tests I'm able to write a ton of the rows to the DTI without issue.. trying to narrow down what is actually causing the issue.
  14. Hi, As for me - best solution for this type of application (CUT to LENGTH or object positioning ) : - send different fixed setpoint configured in VFD menu (i use two setpoint FAST and SLOW) via Modbus (for safety i allow user change this settings only when VFD is disabled and appication is in STOP MODE) ; - select one of this setpoints and RUN/STOP condition via PLC output and VFD logic input . Modbus connection may be lost if EMI from VFD present. Correct grounding, shielding and wiring needed for smooth connection. Slow Modbus speed is solution but someti
  15. You seem to be mixing up contact and coils. Also in your second ladder rung you have two separate logic threads. Do not do that. Further, that second logic thread is screwing everything else up - you are forcing MB 3, O 2, and TD 1 on all the time. I would do that part this way: This is not clear to me. It looks like you've left out a step as you state that the first valve closes then you immediately say it opens again.
  16. Hey everyone! I need a little bit of help with my ladder logic program 😅 So the thing is, I am controlling three valves with Samba 43. The whole process is about opening and closing valves: To start the cycle I need to set all my outputs to low state. This is the condition that allows me to start the process. Then I press the START button on the HMI. The first valve opens by going into the high state. After two seconds, the second and the third valve open. They wait in that state for another two seconds then they close. As soon as they close, the first valve closes as well. The
  17. Does this DTI digital signing also apply to "Write Row to DTI" ? We are getting the "CPU Watchdog Activated" for multiple DTI writes in 1.30 where we weren't in 1.28.
  18. Thank you for the answer mr Tauser, I manage to work it away but i cant remember if i used your answer although it was exactly what i did back then, so i believe i learned it from you.
  19. Please download last UniLogic version from Unitronics site and test. Does it works as you need? B.R.
  20. Hello everyone I started using Unitronics not long ago and I do not have much experience with their hardware/software nor Modbus protocol. I am using a V570 + optidrive E3 which I have to slower its speed with the program based on an Encoder. the problem I am having is that sometimes the PLC wont send the instruction for the driver to change its speed. i have noticed from a lot of reasons that it happens because the data wont be transfered. I am using modbus with RS485 which is already right. i would like to know if you guys would have any advice or probable solution f
  21. Hi Denis, I have the same problem. I already did a post last week about this, but no reply on it until now. I am using the same programm version 1.28.34. At the alarm summary the list is well right sorted at date/time. By using the alarm history it seems to be that it is sorted only at time and no date is used. So it seems to be that it is a bug in the software. I check at the newest version the upgrade items on the list, but did not find that this isue is solved. So hopefully Unitronics read this at will fix this bug. Regards, Leen
  22. Hello, I would ask You for information about reading data from SD card on PLC HMI. Program is done, costumer demand is to have possibility to record and read a trend (with temperature and pressure data) from every machine cycle. My V700 does it well, and costumer read data from SD on one of HMI screens. Problem is with preview of trends, because first what i see is oldest recordings and ofc (depend of number of recorded cycles), we need a lot of time to find newest trends. Is there any system solution for previewing, first from the newest trends (last recorded trend) t
  23. Hello, I can solve my problem setting the G120 parameteres like the information of the table (parameteres marked in yellow) Best regards! Mario
  24. Hi soner54. This mean that you are THE FIRST who solved this problem! Congratulation! Can you share your experience with forum members to make this EDS file accessible for peoples who may need the same or similar requests? B.R.
  25. nobody helped. I did it myself eds file. thanks.
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