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  3. John, you know about my antique radio hobby. When they made a battery eliminator or the +90V B+ line with exactly the circuit you describe you get 160 VDC out. They used a high wattage ballast resistor sized to the load to knock the voltage down. It's got to with the peak of the sine wave being about 167 volts. You ought to take one of the old 90V controllers and re-purpose it as a 90V supply. If you jump the center of the speed pot terminal to the pot supply you'll get your 90V. Joe T.
  4. The first question when this happens is "Did you run the installation program as administrator?" If not, communication may be blocked. Let us know. Joe T.
  5. Actually, there is a way to have a psuedo-popup window. It's done using a little-known and poorly documented system bit - SB 25 - "Do not draw display background". I used this for the PID tuning window on an oven project. I used a V1210. Here's the display with all the loops called "Setup" called from another screen. Pressing any one of the "Tune" buttons set a different bit in an array: I have code that watches for one of bits to go on and call this rung: You will notice that the description from Unitronics for this bit is flat-out wrong. The actual operatio
  6. Your information is a little sparse here for anyone to provide any useful help. Which PLC model? What happens when you try to connect with USB? Have you tried using a different cable? Have you tried reinstalling the driver? For Ethernet, what is the IP address of the computer and the IP address of the PLC? Are they on the same subnet? Are you using either a crossover cable or an Ethernet hub?
  7. I am having trouble connecting my PC to the PLC. I have tried both the ethernet and the USB port. Could some one help point me in the right direction on solving this issue?
  8. Buen día, tengo un problema con un programa de transferencia de archivos FTP a un servidor remoto. Realizamos la prueba de enviar un archivo dentro de la red local y no tenemos problemas, pero cuando tratamos de llevar el archivo en un servidor remoto nos aparece status -6. ya revisamos el usuario y contraseña y están correctas. hemos cambiado los puertos pero tampoco permite subir el archivo. hacemos ping hacia la dirección del servidor desde el plc y responde correctamente. pueden colaborarnos para identificar que está fallando por favor? muchas gracias.
  9. Hey All, I have a small piece of equipment that I am updating. it has three small DC gearmotors, two of which are variable speed using small 90VDC motor controllers. and I am replacing these with 3-phase gearmotors and using AC VFD's. the third is a small (1/17th hp) DC motor that is for a mechanical adjustment, and is run full voltage, forward or reverse with a selector switch arrangement that switches polarity to the motor. I plan on keeping this as-is, but the caveat is that it's power source comes from the Field supply on one of the DC motor controllers. All that
  10. Or, if you have room on your screen, you can make a binary text button that only shows under a certain condition. Either make one of its states the same color as your background, with no text. or I believe you can link an operand to Hide or Disable View.... But again, it has to fit within your screen, it cannot pop-up over other display elements
  11. This is probably not possible without changing the screen. However, I usually select a place at the top or bottom of the screen - where with the help of a list of pictures or a list of texts i implement tips for the operator. If this tips are not active then this place either has a background color or is hidden by the Hide command. It's fast and convenient.
  12. No, the Vision PLCs do not support pop up windows. Why are you opposed to changing screens? If you are clever about it, you can make a screen that has the exact appearance of a pop up window and nobody would know the difference.
  13. As follows from my observations - the main problem is the appearance of condensation in the panel due to lack of temperature control in the control box. Also, a person in such productions very often washes everything around and water gets into incorrectly installed panels. Sometimes I see that the panel when turning on in the morning has fogging in the middle - this is the first sign that there will be problems in the future if you do not take appropriate measures. I only got one panel 7' with a faulty board (faulty touch panel controller). Unfortunately, I could not establish the re
  14. Hi Define the failure more explicitly. Power failure? Touch Screen scratched and struck on an X-Y point? Moisture Ingress? DanT
  15. You have to use pair - Start Interval/Stop Interval. Stop Interval store measured interval into linked DW. B.R.
  16. I never realized that was there.... Does the Start Interval have to hang on the rail before the ladder you want to monitor, or can it be at the end of a conditional rung so it only starts when the rung goes true? Regards, JohnR
  17. What could be the reasons for a 2 year old 15.6" Unistream to fail its touchscreen? The PLC operates in a food production facility in an electrical panel, nothing out of the ordinary.
  18. On a Samba 7" is there a way to create a simple pop up message without changing screens? I need to warn the operator before proceeding. I had a browse but did not find anything, any pointer appreciated Cheers
  19. That's good to know, @kratmel! I didn't realize Vision could monitor in units of micro-seconds (or even tens of micro-seconds).
  20. Last week
  21. I've never seen this data, but it should be fairly easy to determine empirically. Load a blank program into a PLC, check the scan time, add 10 or maybe even 100 rungs with the float math function you're interested in, then check the scan time again.
  22. I heard that children born 9 months from now will be called; "The Children of the Quarn"
  23. Hi, can anyone suggest what is the execution time for float math functions on a Vision Controllers 700/1000/1200? Also where this type of data is available? Thanks
  24. Hi, Please take a look at UniLogic help. Attached a print screen of relevant section. Hope this helps
  25. Thanks Alex, it all cleared when you said I am mixing the the controllers. It worked.
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