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  2. I don't use Sambas, but I believe alighz's model doesn't natively have the 232 port, only the mini usb one. Would need an additional module like V100-17-RS4(X). cheers, Aus
  3. Not all USB to RS232 converters work with Unitronics - you need one that uses the Prolific PL2303 chip. Unitronics offers a converter with part number MJ10-22-CS35. What kind of converter do you have? Joe T.
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  5. I try to use unitronics at first time. I want to try to write test project with 2 timers (TD and TA) to controller. When I downloaded program, I got messege that I need to update OS, from help I got steps how to do it. But I have error when I update program. Before update I had such version of PLC Afte update (that was not finished) I got such error I had many tries with maximum wait for connection. I use cable MJ10-22-CS25 with another use-to-com converter on Noutbook with windows 10. Currently it seems that controller is unworkable.
  6. Yes Aus, Samba do not have RS485 on board, but in second display manual we can see 15m cable via RS232 connection possible. For bigger distance RS485 (V100-17-RS4X) isolated card recommened to install inside Samba.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I will go with second one. seems you both agreed on it can i add that comm port module to this samba ? I have no idea about expansion or I/O module with Unitronics plcs. best regards
  8. I want to show just the timer, Seconds in reverse. from 30 S to 0 and at the end a Short text message on display. and refresh time ideally is 1 second. I think i can find a manual about the first one, because I've seen this device communicate with serial Rs485 with PC and totally separate application from the founder. I will share it here. how about module. what module do i need and how can i install it on SM43-J-T20. I haven't seen useful thing in user manual. best regards
  9. As I was finishing this reply, Kratmel's popped up. I haven't read it yet, so will simply allow them both. The first display is perhaps using a proprietary method of communication as it says that it can "combine with indicator". It might be using standard 485 methods, but who knows. The links on their page to get manuals does not work. The second one, the RIP100 is perhaps a better bet. It says "ASCII + programmable custom protocols". The links on their page do work, but I sadly do not speak Italian. But it would appear that there are detailed descriptions on how to communicate
  10. Hi, please post what information you whant to see on display. Something like 20:59:01 or other format. What refresh time needed? This one has big LED matrix but it is impossible to download any information about used RS485 protocol. Serial # of offered product needed. This one offer manual with protocol but only Italiano lenguage present. Maybe it is possible to program second one via Samba. If you have manual about protocol for first one - plese post to topic.
  11. Hi Kratmel, Thank you for you reply. I would like to chose one between these two . http://www.diniargeo.com/prd/scales/weight-indicators/repeaters/glr100-repeater.aspx https://www.gicamloadcells.com/98_Repeater_RIP 100 HE could you please explain me how it works and what exact module should i order? Thanks in advance. best regards
  12. Please post model or foto of nameplate. I use this display with Samba via Modbus connnection. https://akytec.de/en/smi2-rs-485-display.html
  13. Hello everyone, I have a Samba SM43-J-T20 and want to know if it is possible to connect it anyway to a Alphanumeric display that support Modbus with RS485. my goal is to send a timer value to this display. it would be great if you have any idea of how and could share it with me. Thanks in advance.
  14. Csoto, Change communication Timeout to10 sec and test again. What USB-to-Serial converter model do you use? B.R.
  15. Last week
  16. Those were the exact thoughts I had. I am not familiar with BGA reballing so I Googled that up. Wow - that is not a skill I have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjAdz8jQL4k Joe T.
  17. Thank you Aus. As my professor taught me many years ago: The device can be well repaired only when you have established exactly why it failed. Therefore, this topic probably lacks a history of the conditions under which and how long the PLC worked before this problem arose. Especially in terms of preventing interference and overvoltages caused by the absence of RC on AC coil and diodes on DC coils. As correctly noted by one of the gurus of our forum - Vision PLC is almost impossible to destroy by software - there is always a way to restore to working condition. However
  18. Does this mean it has been off for a fairly long time? As in CVirus shutdown? It shouldn't make any difference on this error, but did you actually check the battery condition and substitute a new one? Just to make sure all the ducks are lined up properly. And gee whiz, doesn't Kratmel persist in repairing something. Well done! cheers, Aus
  19. @Cara Bereck Levy It's been a while since I put this table up. Would it be possible to get a more up to date version? cheers, Aus
  20. Hi, if panel is new maybe best solution - replace it under warranty. I found the same problem with V1040. I worked around this panel and do some test. At the test i used cooler and heater hardware for rectify chip with problem. After step by step confirmation i found that grafic chip is the main issue. If i cool this chip before panel start - i see BOOT2.2 in identification and BOOT load process started with succes. And after correct download of all firmware and project - panel started. After some time of normal work - the same issue happend. I asked service for bga
  21. I6 must be Positive transition contact I6 -|P|- You use direct and counter incremented to 3 in time of 3 PLC scan.
  22. Good day, I come to request your help with the following problem. Returning to the plant, we found our V570 plc with the following error screen. Prior to that, it was operating normally and no modifications had been made. I have followed the procedure that I found in the forum: As follow But it always fails in step 3 "installation of PLC BOOT" I have also disconnected the battery for 1 min, there were no changes. Is there any other method to fix the problem? Thanks in advance
  23. Hi all, if interested I can post the configuration that I used to upload to the fieldserver.
  24. Help me guys please I have two control loops PID P1 and P2 P1 is working fine and it has logic to store 0 to "control value" without compiler faults P2 is working fine but it wont allow store 0 to "control value" , system responds compiler "tag is read only" Now i am thinking that P2 is wrong so i create a P3 and its the same P2 but it wont allow store 0 to "control value" , system responds compiler "tag is read only" when i duplicate P1 to P11 , the P11 acts the same as P1 and it compiles ok and store 0 to "control value" without compiler faults
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