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  3. If you're getting a -1 in MI 282 then something is happening. The block just doesn't know what to do with the incoming stream. If you're using Ethernet then COM 1 will be dedicated to your SCAN block. DanT describes using Info Mode to look at the serial buffer. Do this. Upload your program so we can see exactly what you're doing. Joe T.
  4. Hi; The Data from the Scale is being sent as an ASCII String ( Not an actual Number - ML or MI) In Info Mode in the PLC, look at the Serial Port Monitor and see what the data being received there looks like. Receive as a Stream of Vector Length 3 ( convert 2 Bytes to Linked Element(MI) ) with the CR,LF as the End of Text(EOF)( Length 2) Make sure the 4th MI is set to 0x00 NULL >> 12 34 56 0x00 (Note: You can look at the MI's On Line in HEX Format - easy read for ASCII Data) THEN convert the ACSII String to an ML in the
  5. Hi; For the HMI Under Text, List of texts Create an Indexed List and call them by the FaultCode ( int 32) ( your switch case index ) in the program ( FaultCode being what ever name you choose ) In the Ladder - Use the Compare = to Set the Fault Code to the Fault number or -- this one is neet -- Under Solution explorer use the Switch Case and set up the FaultCode to the List of Texts There is a lot of flexibility in this function - Fixed compares and rang
  6. Hi Joe, Thanks for the tips and help. However, I still have no communication. Just getting error -1. I tried exchanging the MI for an ML and it didn't solve. Then I tried using exactly the configuration you presented (stream with vector and with termination after 10mS) and other similar settings, such as 1 byte for a link, and none has worked yet. It may be that the problem lies elsewhere. The memory tab shows no value, even after online. It's normal? Could I be sending something wrong through the serial emulator? I am just using the "send" field and putting a number
  7. I want to store a specific string (read fixed) to a "string tag" according a value. If value = 1, then string should be "OK" - value = 2, string is "NOT OK", value = 3, string is "FAULT...",.... OK, I know I can do this with the compare instructions, but I want to do this with the switch case instruction....😎 suggestions anybody ?
  8. Ausman I read what is on the link. Thanks for the good advice. Regards B.A
  9. The screen basically says all that is needed. There is a saying on the forum that if you don't need to update, don't do it. If you need a particular feature that is only available in a later version, by all means update, but be prepared to possibly change something using the later version you use. Although in the Vision forum, this pinned post says it all. https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/7245-dont-update-just-because-you-can/?do=findComment&comment=29557 cheers, Aus
  10. Hi Ausman I hope it will be good now. Regards B.A
  11. Last week
  12. Antal, I don't see that image.....only "image.png" cheers, Aus
  13. @Saragani- I downloaded the new rev with the fixed comments - 1.31.106. We worked with support on some problems with the email widget in November 2020 and they said this would be addressed. I did not see it in the revision notes - is this on your radar? Joe T.
  14. Just a two suggestions: 1. Your software communicates via COM1. If you connect your PC via USB port of the PLC, COM1 will be suspended so the Modbus comm will not work. 2. You configure COM1 port as RS485. You must do the same on DIP switch on the PLC. Factory default is RS232.
  15. Please post your modbus setup. Motor and drive nameplate and how modbus wires is connected to V700. Sometimes A & B RS485 wire is swaped. If you use USB connection to V700 - com port 1 is not work with modbus - it is connected to USB and Visilogic. If it possible please use PC Modbus software and USB to R485 connection for test drive communication. Please note - In drive parameter - you must configure communication settings drive ID and enable Modbus communication.
  16. Hello Support don't answer, I need help. USC-B10-B1 so far i have used version 1.30.62 Unitronics UniLogic everything is fine. I downloaded version 1.31.106 today. This error occurs several times after each update, not even the PLC goes.This is an error message. I put back the old version it works fine. Thank you in advance for your answer. Regards B.A
  17. Thanks for your reply, I have made the necessary changes but it still gives a communication error.
  18. Along with Flex's observations, try another cable. Also, when in Device Manager, check and compare what drivers each of the computers is using for the port when it is meant to be active. cheers, Aus
  19. Don't confuse the physical com port assignment for the PLC with the com port you are using in VisiLogic for connection. They are unrelated. On your PC, you need to go into Device Manager and confirm which com port was assigned by the driver and use that in VisiLogic.
  20. Update: As there was no reply, I have contacted support..., but thanks to the Czech distributor's employee Mr. Roman M., who took my program and tested it on another PLC, where it worked. So I updated the firmware and Unilogic to the very latest version from Jan,6th and it works now!
  21. Has Unitronics given any more thought to this request or has there been any updates? Since an SD card can be loaded with a program and the Tags can be Retained to the SD card through UniApps, a Unit can be restored with minimal downtime when a PLC or battery were to dies. Unless I am misunderstanding something, the downside is that the backed up tags have to be backed up manually through UniApps so the tags are not necessarily current to the point when the battery or unit died. As an extra benefit, it would be very helpful to be able to automatically backup tags from the ladder (trigger maybe
  22. Yes. Every time I connect the plc I check the COM port and assign it, the problem is that it is set to a specific one, regardless of changing the physical port, the COM assigned is the same for each USB port. I knew that the COM entries were free, that no device was using them. I don't know if it is a problem in the control side, the connection is simple, however I have had problems
  23. Please print and post to topic foto of test page on this printer but not windows test page - you must print via printer button combination. On this test page you can see communication settings and default communication cnannel. You can also test printer RS232 COM port via vindows (you must use USB to RS232 cnverter with driver for test). I found several zebra termal printer with RS232 but some of them has defect com port (printer do not print via Com port in windows). This maybe useful
  24. Make sure you are using the correct COM Port in the VisiLogic menu Connection / Communication & OS...
  25. Just to clarify, this forum is primarily for people looking to hire a programmer for a specific project. If you are just looking for some help to get past a specific problem, then post in one of the other forums on this site based on the PLC you are using. If you ARE looking to hire, then some details might be helpful, such as your location, what PLC you would prefer to use, and any other hardware details that might be appropriate. I think there are several experts on this forum that would be available for hire if the project is of interest to them.
  26. Good morning, at this moment I have this connection problem and I would like to know how you solved it if possible, I appreciate the collaboration that you can give me. The plc that I am working with is a V350-J-R34. I worked it on my pc without problems but I had to change computers and I could not establish a connection again. The connection was made usb-usb V3 I download the software version 9.8.91, install the usb driver version and check the com port, the baud rate is working at 115200, however it does not connect.
  27. I have the ZebraPrinter.vlp downloaded to a V570. I've made my cable as rj11 Db9 Brow 1. 6 Yellow 2. 5 Green3. 2 Red 4. 3 Black 5. 5 Orange 6. 4 in info mode I have com1 protocol = protocol rs type =RS232 params =9600,8,n,1 silence = 3648us Tx =252 Rx =463 every time I hit touch to print Tc and Rx number go up, but nothing is printing. This is the first time I've tried to print. Btw the printer works fine with usb and print test p
  28. You post message in Projects seeking Programmers... Than you must have some system setup based on Unitronics PLC (Jazz, Vision or Unistream). If you post present hardware and PLC setup - someone can offer help with program. If you do not have any PLC - please post present machine configuration in this topic and moderators place your quastions to ...I have a project...what hardware do I need?
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