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  3. Or I think this way it might work. I am posting the picture of ladder and ladder quick view. Am I correct?
  4. Thank you for explanation. I think my last display will not be loaded with this logic because MB 1685 bill be RESET before my LD LAST element will be active. Will it help if I put my RESET coil in next net? Because it is important that my LD LAST gets active before MB1685 gets RESET. Will next ladder logic help? (I need to have a direct contact before LD LAST element).
  5. The compiler has broken your logic into five separate statements. Here are some things to remember when looking at STL lists: ! = Start new logical statement LB = Local Bit - used as a scratchpad between statements So it translates to this order- 1. If MB 0 and not MB 258 and Rising Edge SB 16 then set local LB 0. 2. MB 1685 state = LB 1 (saves a copy for later) 3. If LB 0 then Reset MB 1685 and Reset TD 366 4. If SI 9 NEQ 80 AND LB 0 then store constant 80 into SI 9 5. If LB 0 and LB 1 then Load Last Display You'll have to de
  6. So I am looking at this, but I am not sure what I am looking at, can you explain a bit how I can see from this the sequence of this net.
  7. In UnitronicsLand, physical placement does not guarantee scan sequence. It's what the compiler decides to do, which is not always predictable. Right-click on the left side of the network and select STL Quick View to look at the compiled code sequence. You should be able to figure it out and this is how the network logic will solve. If you're worried about this I would break the logic into more than one network. Joe T.
  8. Hello, I have a question about ladder running sequence (what happens first). To be more specific I posted a picture of ladder program. As you can see i have a MB1685 (direct contact and reset coil). I want to know if my program will be able to LOAD LAST DISPLAY (MB1685 needs to stay ON and SB16 is active), before MB1685 will get RESET (so OFF). I wonder what will happen first and if this logic will work (so that it will load my last display). Please if you have an answer reply to me, because I can't test it myself on PLC (I don't have one available). Thank you!
  9. Hi; Unitronics Website -- www.UnitronicsPLC.com Technical Support Technical Library --I/O&COM for UniStream >> UniStream Remote I/O - User Manual -- Details there DanT
  10. Yes! But now I tried with another port and it worked. Thank u all!!
  11. Your are right. I have changed to 9600 and the comunication worked, but then when I downloaded the program with the new paramaters the on-line connection via serial and TCP/IP, now its not working and I think that it is because the baud rate. I test in another PLC that was with the same program but with other baud rate (a greater one) and the on-line connection worked. Now I can't conect with the PLC to change that... You have any ideia what can I do now? I have already try to connect with a cable to serial connection and reset the PLC but that isn't working. The MB 107 is
  12. 1) You need to add the I/O modules connected to the EX-A2X in the hardware setup in the software loaded on the PLC. 2) You need to connect the EX-A2X to the PLC with the correct Unitronics cable, paying attention to which end plugs into the PLC and which end plugs into the EX-A2X. Be sure the cable is plugged into the correct socket on the V1210. The correct socket is labeled EXP PORT. 3) You need to apply 24V power to the EX-A2X module. Both Power and Comm lights should be steady on green if connected properly.
  13. Are you using a unitronics brand cable or just a standard network cable? You must use the unitronics cable.
  14. Is there a wiring manual / spec sheet of the URS-02LC ? Need to confirm wiring and setup
  15. What LED’s are on on the EX-A2X? also the cable between the PPC and Adaptor has to be connected with the correct end at the PPC and EX-A2X it is labelled but double check to make sure you’ve got it correct.
  16. Last week
  17. Now that's funny, in a PLC geekasoid way! 😄 I see a T-shirt here. Joe T.
  18. I have a pencil that used to be owned by Shakespeare, but he chewed it a lot whilst pondering his next saga. I can't tell if it's 2B or not 2B.
  19. There's a Daylight Savings time program in the Examples. Note that this program requires the PLC to be powered up when it's time to change the clock. Joe T. Unistream_070_Daylight_saving_time.ulpr
  20. By "Allen Bradley PLC" I'm guessing you don't mean a PLC 5, a SLC 500, or a uLogix 1000. 1. You'll need to add a network. 2. Set each Unitronics as an Ethernet I/P Scanner (master) and you can write to the AB. Or set each Unitronics as an Adapter and the AB can be programmed to read from them. Either of these will "probably" work, but my experience with Ethernet I/P is if all communicating devices don't bear the AB logo then it's going to be glitchy. For Ethernet I/P - <rant> Scanner = Master Adapter = Slave I will continue to use this
  21. Hello all. In vision I created a simple DST add subtract and put a button on the screen. Attached picture. Is there any way of doing this in unistream? I can't seem to get it to work. Many thanks, Steve
  22. Maybe fastest way to build this type of application is using FB Drum sequencer. Please read help topic about this FB and try to run this idea in Samba. Simple place checkbox for needed MB and run outputs via this MB. Please open Drum example projects in visilogic Help menu - you can easly implement one of them for your hardware.
  23. Hi guys, I'm nor really familliar with unitronics but i had worked with Siemens and Omron PLC's. I have a V1210-T20BJ with a V200-18-E3XB for the brewery where i work. It should connect to a EX-A2X with IO cards but ii doesn't. I changed the EX-A2X but i still have the same problem. Does it has to be setup? What other module could be defect? Can someone help me?
  24. Further to Kratmel's good advice, it is worth saying that many modbus things will not communicate to Visions at greater than 9600. It is always worth starting slowly and trying bigger baud rates after getting things working ok in the first place. I also note you have 2 stop bits. ?? I'd also make your timeout bigger, along the lines of the previous baud rate comment but in this case it is start big and reduce. Why, and how, are you working MB107? cheers, Aus
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