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  2. Hi, in the next UniLogic version, Rungs and Regions comments heights could be resized (per comment). Region header text color could be adjusted, and elements from the ladder toolbox could be pinned to the bottom quick access bar.
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  4. Additional to Joe remarks: Q4. How PLC is connected to modem? Serial, Ethernet? Q5. What is a modem model? Q6. Is a SIM card 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE? B.R.
  5. You'll need to give us more information, specifically on the device "PLC Network Gateway". What is the brand and model? When you bought the SIM card for this, did you ask the network provider for a static IP address? If you're trying to access the PLC with Visilogic or Remote Operator, you need to forward ports 20256 and 20257. Port 502 is for Modbus communications. Which software are you using in the client's PC? Joe T.
  6. Did you define the tag data types in your Modbus table as REAL? The table configuration should take care of everything else. Please post your program. It's difficult to answer communications questions based only on one sentence of description of what you've tried. The UniLogic examples are a separate download from the website. If you haven't grabbed them already I'd highly recommend it. Joe T.
  7. WAN IP address means Public IP address? Sorry I'm not really know about networking. I need your advise. Below shows the step I had tried: 1) I login to PLC network gateway to set the port forwarding port number 502 (*I'm not sure about the port number*) 2)In Client's PC, I tried to access to PLC network (Public IP : 502) But it failed. Which parts I missed?
  8. Then you need to enter the WAN (internet) IP address into your PC or phone connection, not
  9. both are connected to internet. but this 2 network are different network. - PLC is connected to SIM Card modem. - Client side is PC or Phone connected to wifi modem.
  10. Is any of this connected to the internet, or is it two internal networks with only wifi connection?
  11. Hi All, I'm using V350 PLC to do a system. My objective is to use different network access to PLC Network for Unitronic remote operate. As I know need to do a port forwarding. But I had tried to port forward but still failed. Can someone explain me and help me for the solution?
  12. Hello im new to unilogic and stumbled into the following problem: in visilogic i programmed the following: i would like to know how to do this in unilogic could anyone help me out here? i did read and write integer periodic and aperiodic registers this whas no problem thanks in advance Gert P.
  13. Hi, It's my fault, I installed the program on the D:/driver. And here I was looking for the. D:/...Data\UniPics , so I couldn't find it. Thank you for your help. Greetings B.A
  14. Hi, try at C:\ProgramData\Unitronics\UniLogic\Data\UniPics
  15. Hi all. I'm looking but I can't find the images anywhere. According to document they are here but I do not find. Please help. Thanks in advance. Greetings B.A
  16. Last week
  17. @DanT - I did see the screen object edit choices but I didn't think about the IP to string function. Which is dumb of me because I use that in Vision. Good thing your brain is engaged! @Buddy123 - That made me dig a little deeper into the system variables, and I found my first post to be in error. I was expecting the IP information to be in the System Data struct, but it's actually in the General struct. So I need to bone up on UniLogic system names. Using the system tag "General.Panel IP Address" as a source you can indeed save off the IP address. I've attached my test projec
  18. Thanks for sharing the solution. I never considered that UniApps would have different behavior than the UniLogic setting. Joe T.
  19. Hi; Under Screens, Numeric Elements, there are 2 IP Address Options IP Address Edit -- you can select which IP Address to view and edit ( IP Address Type) IP Settings Edit -- Panel, CPU, DNS -- View and edit These are all editable from the screen In the Ladder - Strings -- IP to String and String to IP ( no info in Help for explanations) IP to String allows an ASCII Variable ASCII to String -- does not allow setting a Panel IP -- from what I can see. (
  20. Problem Solved thanks to the great Unitronics Tech Support! The solution is to set VNC Full Access password usung Unilogic's Password Manegement, instead of UniApps: Now password resist to new software versions downloads and to reboots!
  21. Ahhhh....... Have to have a space b/n B & 2. I'd done all you said but without the space. 👀 cheers, Aus
  22. I fired up a UniStream to see if DHCP was an option - it is not. The IP address of the panel (which does the heavy lifting) is set in the project definition. If you want to see the panel IP value, look in under System->General->Panel IP Address. Then I tried to access this variable and put it on the screen and found it is not part of the System Data struct. I got the same result when I tried to access it via the ladder editor. So it's there, but we can't seem to access it. I think you are out of luck. I would ask this question officially by sending a request to support@uni
  23. @kratmel - Nice find on a 10 year old post! @Ausman - Search "SB 25" in quotes. Only one find - Color Vision series. On the bottom of that page you have to expand System Operands- As described in the post kratmel found, Unitronics thinks this bit is no longer needed so they probably forgot about it. It's not like they don't have enough other things on their plate in R&D. I'm glad Patrick asked the question, as it triggered my memory. Joe T.
  24. OK Joe, I have to ask about your great solution! All my searches (including manual looking in the help file itself on it's own) only bring up the incorrect reference. In my help files it actually only shows under "HMI Display tasks, SBs 26-34, which you naturally skip if looking for 25! Perhaps latest help files have it? Mine are derived from 9.8.65. Could you please put up a scrnshot and also where specifically you found it. 🧐 cheers, Aus
  25. Edit from my memory of the startup - you may need to redraw the calling screen ("Setup" in this case) by jumping to a blank screen and then back over a couple of scans to make the hole from the popup disappear. But I was able to get it to work the way I wanted. Joe T.
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