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From Unitronics: U90 Ladder applications

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  1. Jazz UA24 - Signed Bits to Numeric + Linearization

    You have an 8 bit signed magnitude input value coming into the PLC via I0-7.
    And you want it to scale so that:
    11111111b = -127d = -10V
    01111111b = +127d = +10V
    If the above assumption is correct, you can use two linearization functions.
    But first you will need to only use the function “I to MI” on inputs 1-7.
    Before the linearization function, use input 0 (the sign bit) as a condition to enable the positive or negative linearization function.



  2. Input and Output Comparison

    This example program shows how to use the comparison function blocks to set and reset and output based upon temperature measurement.



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