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    1.       Check the Help file. Press F1 to open the Help. Use the Table of Contents, Index, and Search function to find information.

    2.       Look at the Example programs. In VisiLogic, they are installed with your program. In UniLogic , you can download them via the Help tab.

    3.       Visit the Unitronics YouTube channel – it is loaded with clips showing how to perform major and minor tasks.

    4.       Search the forum

    5.       Post in the forum—if you haven't found your answer.

    And please--be nice. If someone took the trouble to respond—thank them. If someone asked a question—answer them. In short—respect the community. Most of the people that help here are volunteers!

    When you do post, please include:

    a.       Your Software Version and Controller model.

    b.      A clear description of your problem.

    c.       Post your project—you can attach your project to your post.  Look for the Attach icon . Then people can look inside elements like the TCP/IP CARD INIT block to help you troubleshoot.


    • Post pictures of function blocks  without including the corresponding dialog boxes - again, attach your program. If you cannot, make sure your captures show  enough information.  
    • Don't be afraid to try different ways to solve your problem before seeking help.  Faulty code will not break your PLC.  Experiment, and even if you don't solve your problem and need to turn to experts for help, you will have learned something - and probably had fun doing it.
    • Don't assume there will be ready-made code to solve your problem. Every situation is different and there are few shortcuts. We love to help, but usually we need to know exactly what you're trying to do in order to be truly helpful.


    • Answer questions - ALL the questions. There is a reason for every question asked. 
    • Thank the people who help you.
    • Report on how you resolved your problems—this helps other people in the community.

     Contacting Support

    You can:

    We all make mistakes--it's how we learn, people! and when we succeed--it's all the sweeter!


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