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  1. Hi Juan, Following Ofir's questions above, can you please also update us the PLC's serial number? Please reply to support@unitronics.com Waiting for your updates. Thanks.
  2. Hi, The live update is already fixed in version V9.7.9. but any way check if he need to use Proxy or Internet Explorer download setting (see the image below). I hope it helps.
  3. Hello, Yes i familiar with cheap camera that works with UniStream: The camera model for the demo case is ELP-IP1881. Websites: www.elpcctv.com I hope it helps.
  4. Hi Please try to recover this issue as follow: · Download a blank project to your PLC by using COM port RS232 115200 baud rate. · Initialize and reset the PLC (all value will be cleared) · Open the original project · Restore system images (see below how to..) · Perform build-all from Build menu · Download all & burn the project to the PLC (again by using COM port RS232 115200 baud rate) I hope it helps.
  5. Hi, First, please make sure that the bus connector is properly attached to the CPU. If it does, Can you try to add another unit before this one and try again?
  6. Hello, Please contact support@unitronics.com
  7. Hi, Follow the below steps that show how to solve this font issue. Go to Help > Check for updates > Operation system to update the O/S files. Open a new blank project (HW Configuration only) Go to Connection menu >Communication and OS > 4th tab > Check > Download When it's done updating the PLC's system files, Add a new font. (Any Font) To add a custom font type and size in VisiLogic, go to the font handler and add new font. For more information please go to VisiLogic>Help (F1) Home > HMI Displays > Text > Font Handler Download All & Burn the project to the PLC. Then, open your project > Perform Build-All from build menu > Download All & Burn. I hope it helps.
  8. Hi, Please try as follow: · Close VisiLogic (if necessary, close it from Windows Task manager) · Turn OFF Windows UAC (User Account Control) · Restart your PC · Log-in as administrator · Run VisiLogic as administrator. If it will not help please try as follow: For Windows 7/8/8.1/10, you need to install the software while the UAC is OFF and after rebooting the PC. Please reinstall VisiLogic as follow: Turn OFF Windows UAC. 1. Backup you projects and delete all the files related to Unitronics installations. 2. Erase the “Unitronics VisiLogic_C” folder from- C:\Program Files\Unitronics 3. Erase the “Unitronics” folder from- C:\Program Files\Common Files. 4. Perform Windows update and restart the PC 5. Log-in as administrator Save the setup file on your desktop and make sure that the installation file is not blocked (Right click on the file>Properties) If yes, just click on the unblock button: Install VisiLogic. If software opened properly, Go to the properties of VisiLogic shortcut and under compatibility ticked verify the Privilege Level “Run this program as an administrator”. i hope it helps..
  9. Hi, Currently there is no any option to replace the "Splash screen - UniStream banner". I understand your concern behind this issue and certainly I will forward your suggestion to our R&D and marketing for discussion. Please follow-up this issue by sending e-mail to support@unitronics.com Thanks.
  10. Hi, The battery type to all models (except JZ20) is: RENATA BATTERY,COIN,2450,3V,LITHIUM http://www.renata.com/fileadmin/downloads/productsheets/lithium/3V_lithium/CR2450N_v06.pdf Unitronics part number: 160200362 I hope it helps.
  11. You are welcome Kal. Which PLC model are you using? If you are using JAZZ PLC with JZ-PRG COM module so the pinout is different. JAZZ PLC's can communication and programmed via with the following communication accessories: COM KIT Model Adapter Cable JZ-PRG (JZ10 & JZ20 Series) MJ10-22-CS10 (Can be used with USB to Serial converter) Programming 6-wire cable,RJ11 MJ20-CB200 JZ-RS4 (JZ10 & JZ20 Series) MJ10-22-CS25 (Can be used with USB to Serial converter) CABLE,COMMUNIC,RJ11,4W,GRY Mini-USB Port (Build-in on JZ20 Only) None Standard USB to min-USB cable I hope it helps.
  12. Hi Kal, Go to VisiLogic help to see the RS232 pinout: The programming communication kit is RJ11 4 wire cable (standard 4 wire landline phone cable) and PC RS232 adapter P/N: MJ10-22-CS25. If you have other Unitronics products (Except JZ-PRG), you can use the same communicating kit. You can also make it on your own , please see the diagram in VisiLogic help.
  13. Hi, We added this request to the future to-do list. At this point I don't have an estimate time when it will be implement. Thank you.
  14. Hi, Just to clarify this issue, with this mobile app you can remote access Vision Color and Samba controllers. V130 in not supported. We wish to make few tests. Can one of you tell us on which Android version it fails to connect the PLC? Does it failed with any application? Even a blank project? (with just Ethernet setup) Do you have any specific project that we can test on? Please advise.
  15. Hi, Yes, V130 is supported for V130 PLC. I attached an application demonstrating the capabilities of UniVision Licensing. It was created for V350 but can be easily converted to V130. You can find detailed explanation how to use the software in UniVision License help. BTW, What you mean by " hide password"? fo which action? I hope it helps. License.vlp
  16. Hi Paul R, This issue may require a remote support. Please contact support@unitronics.com
  17. Hello, Try as follow: Turn off the PLC Touch and hold the screen Power on while screen is touched Touch twice Update the BinLib, Boot and O/S (115200 baud rate, 1 sec timeout) Download a blank project If it didn't helped, contact support@unitronics.com with the results.
  18. Hello, According to your screenshot below it seems like a permission issue. try to close VisiLogic > Log OFF > Log-in as administrator. Go to the properties of VisiLogic shortcut and under compatibility ticked verify the Privilege Level “Run this program as an administrator”. I hope it helps..
  19. Hello Marcin, Which Windows version is installed on your PC?
  20. Hello, EX-A2X is an adapter module, no configuration is required. When adding an expansion I/O to VisiLogic HW Configuration the EX-A2X will be "virtually" added to the Configuration. No need to see it in VisiLogic HW Configuration. The module IO-AI8 is presented in VisiLogic > HW Configuration together with I/O-ATC8. I hope it helps. Cheers,
  21. Dear Aus, Windows 10 is still new and we didn’t finish all our tests to give an official statement, only what is stated in our System Requirements. We successfully manage to run UniLogic , VisiLogic and U90Ladder under Windows 10.. Please note - JAZZ20 USB port driver currently is not supported by Windows 10. How to Disable Driver Signature Verification on 64-Bit Windows 8.1 or 10 To disable driver signature verification, we’re going to need to get into the Troubleshooting options from the boot manager. The easiest way to bring this screen up is using a secret trick. Simply select Restart from the power options menu (on Windows 8 that’s under Charms or on the login screen, and in Windows 10 it’s on the Start Menu). Hold down the SHIFT key while you click Restart. (Again, you can use this trick on any of the power menus in Windows 8 or 10, whether on the login screen, Charms bar, Start Menu, or Start Screen) Once your computer has rebooted you will be able to choose the Troubleshoot option. Then head into Advanced options. Then Startup Settings. Since we are modifying boot time configuration settings, you will need to restart your Computer one last time. Finally, you will be given a list of startup settings that you can change. The one we are looking for is “Disable driver signature enforcement”. To choose the setting, you will need to press the F7 key. That’s all there is to it. Your PC will then reboot and you will be able to install unsigned drivers without any error message I hope you find this information useful, and we will be happy to help you with any further concerns.
  22. Hello, Note that you can always go to our web site www.unitronics.com and find more information under the support page>technical library. All Unitronics software's & Tools as well the support are FREE of charge. The main software's are U90Ladder , VisiLogic and UniLogic. VisiLogic – for Vision and SAMBA series U90Ladder – for JAZZ/M91 series UniLogic – for UniStream series U90Ladder / VisiLogic / UniLogic software's are available to download from our web site (FREE of charge) at: http://www.unitronics.com/Content.aspx?page=Downloads After installing the desired software go to the help menu and choose the desire option. There are many example project in Help >examples. Also we offer free training Webinars and e-Learning presentation in our website>Support page for beginners and advance user. I hope it helps. Cheers.
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