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  1. Hello, Does anyone know of any problems with including both a Modbus Config and a Protocol config for the same COM port in the same program? I'm talking to a peripheral device which under certain circumstances may need to be sent an ASCII Protocol command to switch it to Modbus mode, so I will need to be able to do both types of communication in the same program on the same port. Can the two coexist, or will I need to re-execute the appropriate Config block when switching from one communications mode to the other?
  2. Hello, I'm trying to help a customer set up UniOPC Server on their end to work with our equipment; this is my first time using UniOPC Server. I was able to install and run the UniOPC Server on my own PC (Windows 7 64-bit with UAC turned off) without trouble, and I saved my .upc configuration file and send it to the customer. They installed the software on their end (I believe also Windows 7 64-bit), but after loading my .upc file, when they clicked "RUN" an error dialog popped up saying "Run-time error '339': Application-defined or object-defined error", with only an OK button, which I bel
  3. I agree wholeheartedly, the lack of a proper "Undo" function is a major source of frustration when using the HMI editor. In any other piece of software, "Undo" undoes whatever your last action was, but in VisiLogic it seems to apply to only a very limmited subset of actions. If I accidentally move an object out of position, getting it back is a big pain. That combined with the lack of a configurable alignment grid and a proper "snap to grid" function makes the HMI editor the most painful I've used.
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