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  1. Hi All Has anybody had the following issue losing MI Values in programs all reset back to zero for no apparent reason have not set MI to change to zero on power up have cycled power numerous times on plc doesn't do it, not anywhere in programs am I resetting. Happening at 3 different sites, completely different programs. One site happened 2 years of running fine after install. One was running off of generator supply. Only happens to MI that are either keypad entry or used to manipulate data in the program. Using switch mode power supply to power plcs, have replaced backup
  2. Thanks s.pratt We went down that path after we posted on the forum we were trying to be too clever (not normally a problem) and use protocol scan but that only seems to work when matches complete string.
  3. Hello... We need to parse a text string to search for a single character within the string. This will then be used to trigger an SMS output. The incoming string is variable length with the last part also unknown content. The string header is known format. The terminator, (ETX) is 0xOD 0xOA, (CR LF). We can successfully scan a properly, fully, defined string however we cannot figure out how to simply look for the first character for example find "A" in the start of the string or deal with a variable string. Also once we see an "A" in the start of a string we still need to copy the enti
  4. Hi All Im working on a project that requires a v570 to communicate with kepserver using modbus ip has anybody achieved this and if so what settings were used for both the v570 and kepserver Thanks
  5. Hi all Has anybody been able to get a unitronics V570 to communicate with Allen Bradley Factory Talk Se Scada.
  6. Hi all Is anybody else having the problem of getting the a corrupt file message when trying to open a save program using version 9.3.1. If you open the file with a previous version say 8.6.3 it works?
  7. Hi Ofir In the process of setting up a demo plc which I will give you remote access to Thanks
  8. Hi all I have a V570 its been on site for 1 year, twice in the last 2 months Ive had an expansion error when someone goes there all the card run lights are solid is there any SB or SI that will tell me which card is causing the issue also would be nice if you could automatically reset fault so plc starts up again. Thanks
  9. HI Would be nice if you could link a timer to the trending sample interval making it easly adjsuted remotely.
  10. Hi All Currently have an issue with remote operator have a V570 850kms away connected via ethernet through a vpn and 7.2mbps modem, ping is around 300ms, works fine until I display a hmi page that has a plant overview with lots of icons and variable data the icons and data come up with red boxes have tried changing the refresh rate currently at 60 secs that has made it better still get red boxes with crosses in them but they do disappear before the next refresh. I want to know is there any way so that remote operator doesn't refresh page until it has all the data so I dont get the red boxes.
  11. Thanks Simon Thats exactly what I meant, should learn to be more descriptive, had a V570 go into fault expansion card error was able to reset via ethernet modem. Little bit concerned as some of our V570s are on remote unmanned sewerage treatment plants would like the plc to try an automatic reset even if its gone into stop mode.
  12. Hi all Is there anyway of resetting a plc fault and putting plc back into run automatically say by setting a SB in the program on startup Thanks
  13. Hi all Is there any way to hide the V570 Info password (SI 253) so you can't see it in the program or if you go online?
  14. Hi Has anybody used the broadcast function for modbus ip with success, have tried using the setup as per the help files cant seem to get to work? Thanks
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