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  1. First off, I truly appreciate all the help. In my application I need to run a motor indefinitely (one mode) and as described in PTO, run for a certain number of pulses (another mode). Would I be best with just using PWM to drive the stepper and use a timer when I need a certain number of pulses?
  2. If I leave the target '0', will it run indefinite? If not, how would I accomplish this? Is using an accel and decel typical in stepper motor applications?
  3. Hello All, I apologize for the VERY basic questions I am about to ask but I am new to using a PLC to control a stepper motor. I have the drive and motor. I read the information included in Visilogic. I am still confused. I hate to ask but can someone please provide me with basic program to control the stepper drive. I want to provide an RPM and FWD/REV bit. I will answer any questions and will be monitoring this thread constantly over the next few days. Thank you in advance. Again, I apologize for such basic information but once I have a decent example I should be able to pick
  4. I have tried experimenting with SB37 and SI251/252, nothing seems to work. I am not even sure SB37 functions on the V350. From everything I tried, it doesn't.
  5. Basically I have the Function keys set to quick information display screens (for example F1 shows motor info, F2 shows reservoir level, etc, etc ..). Also, in my program, the ESC button is basically a 'back' button like one on a current smartphone. I want the user to be able to pull up one of the quick info screens and get right back to what they were doing before. I'm sure my explanation is horrible. My real question is... how do I exclude a group of HMIs from the "Load Last HMI Display" list on a V350?
  6. Using a V350. Quick scenario: F1 jumps to HMI 100 F2 jumps to HMI 101 F3 jumps to HMI 102 F4 jumps to HMI 103 ESC jumps to previous screen/HMI You are the user. You are viewing HMI 5. You press F1 and go to HMI 100. You press F2 and go to HMI 101. You press F3 and go to HMI 102. Now from here, I want pressing ESC and go back to HMI 5. I want HMI 100, 101, 102 and 103 to be completely ignored in the screen load order list. How do I go about doing this?
  7. I am using a V130 and my scan time says 2mS so I am just recording every scan. I am hoping to catch a pressure increase as the flight of a screw rotates in front of an injection port, which at 60rpm looks to be around 100mS so we are hoping to catch some good numbers "over time" which is why we want to grab so many samples.
  8. I am trying to create a project and I am running into a few roadblocks. I need to record a pressure every 2mS and record it to the SD card. I have a 16GB card so I should be able to record a ton of data, all I need to record is a 4-digit MI value. My problem is writing the data to the SD card. What is the best way to do this? Currently I am trying to do it in pulses. Step 1) for the first 5sec I record my value every 2mS with an indirect store. Step 2) for the next 25sec I want to write this vector of values to the SD card. Step 3) Rinse and repeat. What would be the best way to record tthe
  9. Hello, I am trying to copy a data table over to a SD card but I keep getting an error. The error it keeps coming up with is "A Data Table design contains an element that exceeds table limits. Solution: split the table." What does this mean? Where is the issue?
  10. Is there a maximum # of screens or subroutines for the V350, V570 or V1040? Other than the obvious memory limitation.
  11. Is there any chance we can get access to all colors for the items mentioned in the title. Maybe give us a flat and 3D option for each. It seems like a strange limitation.
  12. It would be greatly useful if could navigate to a specific screen based on its number rather than simply calling it out direct, is this possible? If not, any chance we could see this in a future software version. Thanks in advance.
  13. I had a program that worked under 8.6 and now when under 9.0 I download it the screen is blank. Is there anyway to see what screen number = screen name? I can see I am viewing screen 21 but I don't know what that number correlates to.
  14. I am using a V570 with a V200-18-E3XB and I have an analog input that is constantly reading 32767. 1) The hardware configuration is set in the program to 0-20mA 2) The jumpers are set to Current input 3) I check the input to the PLC and I see .9-24mA What am I doing wrong, where should I be looking to solve this problem?
  15. An option is simply that, an option. If you have added addition timers you could just not select the "Do Nothing " option and select "Download". I understand in your operation this may not make sense but in my situation it would be VERY useful. If its not possible or not seen as value added I would understand if it wasnt added but to simply dismiss the option because you dont see the value seems kind of crazy. My company buys around 100 Unitronics PLCs a year so I use the software quite a bit and I like knowing that my suggestions are being heard and considered, even if they dont come to fruit
  16. Well when downloading a project you have the option to upload the timers from the PLC, couldnt a "Do Nothing Option" just upload these timers into some BS location in the PCs memory and then just dump them? I mean when you download you dont have to overwrite the PLCs timer values.
  17. Is there anyway a third option can be added to the "Contradicting Timers" screen when downloading a project? I would like the option to "Do Nothing", leaving both the timers in the PLC as they are set and leave the timers in the program as they are, even if they are different. We do some OEM Equipment and give the end user the option to change some values like Timers so I dont want to force new times into the system.
  18. Not sure where to really post this. Any news on WiFi or Bluetooth communication module for the 130/350/570?
  19. I have tried now tried 2 cables and two EX-A1. I also tried the blank program with hardware selected. I am trying to force an output to 1 with no success. When I power-up I get the Comm. LED to flash once real quick but thats it. The RUN LED is flashing on the expansion module V130-33-R34 > EX-A1 > IO-DI8-RO8 is my setup. Someone please help.
  20. I just cant get the COMM light to come up on an EX-A1. Cable is plugged in (both sides)(correct ports) Adapters are on rung in the program Power switching on at the same time
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