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  1. Hi, What was the result when you were using command Read Coils #1? What is the value in status messages? If you are still unable to communicate then You can try first communicating with the device using MODSCAN32 software (or other MODBUS master software) in order to locate if the problem comes from the PLC, wiring or the device. You can download MODSCAN32 from win tech: http://www.win-tech.com Then you need to connect the drive to the PC using Ethernet and set the right communication parameters in MODSCAN32 application. Please check that the communication works properly with the PC.
  2. Hi, First of all indeed you are right, I forgot to set SB168 on power up. Go to the operands window at the bottom and set in power up SB168 to 1. Anyway this system bit is not the cause for the status 5 - when SB 168 is link lost recovery. I took a look again on your slave addressing and noticed that for addresses 1-6 the MODBUS command supported is Read Coils #1. Try replacing the Force Coils command with Read Coils #1 and then test again.
  3. Hi, I created new application for V570 as MODBUS master which its IP address is and by pressing on the write button it will set/reset the relay in address 0. Basically after downloading the application you will need to press on the connect button then you should see "connected" indication on the HMI. you can change the value to send by pressing on the ON/OFF button and then by pressing the write button it will send the value to the device and change the state of the relay. V570 TCP master.vlp
  4. Hi, If you are not using ZIP file but EXE file for setup then basically you need to change the name of the folder in Program Files/Unitronics from "Unitronics VisiLogic_C" to for example "Unitronics VisiLogic_8_0_1". Then when you run the setup you choose the option repair. (Now the last version that you installed will be "Unitronics VisiLogic_C") Usually the error "Bad collection index" occurs due to a feature called UAC (User Account Control)in Vista or Windows 7 . Are you using Vista or Windows 7? If yes then download the documnet from the below link which explains how to disable the UAC. http://www.unitronics.com/data/uploads/VisiLogic_Software_New/Disable%20UAC%20Vista%20+%20WIN7.pdf
  5. Hi, Which PLC are you using? Which OS installed on the PLC? The latest version of VisiLogic is 8.6.3 - Make sure you are using the latest OS version. Does the "prepare PLC side modem" passed successfully? Does the SIM card has PIN code? As you mentioned this command related to Network Registration - can you test it with another SIM porvider?
  6. Hi, See the attached doc which explains how to work with the swapper. Using VisiLogic Version Swapper.doc
  7. Hi Matt, In general these kind of errors are generated by watchdog timer in case the controller exceeds some predefined time and didn't pass trough Scan end. The reason can be too long code, internal loop, logical error. In some cases, it can be related to external events, like switching contactors, solenoid valves and power relays, motors and motor drivers, welding works around… Does it happen on specific action or randomly? Can you simulate this error? Does the same error occurs when the V570 is on your desk? Where the PLC located? What is the environment? Please check the following: Calling to displays and alarms displays are with one shot condition only. Calling a label and creating internal loop Calling to subroutines in a way that you create loop between subroutines and never go back to main routine. Make sure that you are using the latest VisiLogic version 8.6.3 and OS version 3.1(30).
  8. Hi Vidmas30, It is really hard to undestand from the description of the register the right addressing. Please make sure that you are looking at the MODBUS addressing and not in other protocol addressing. Usually in slave addressing table you will find the MODBUS command number, register address and legal parameters. Can you post a screen shot of this table?
  9. Hi, If you wish to use Ethernet it seems you will need to choose in the Red Lionthe protocol Unitronics PCOM ASCII TCP/IP Master. The V350 basically can stay with the default socket settings. PCOM is the default protocol of the ports and if the Red Lion supports it then you dont need to change anything. Of course you need to remove the MODBUS from this socket. You can set an application which has only --|SB2|-- TCP/IP card INIT -- PLC Name. Then the Red Lion should connect to the IP address of the PLC and port number 20256. (It can be also port 20257 or 502) Check with the Red Lion supplier which other settings you should set for communication.
  10. Hi, Syntax of a Tag: The syntax of the tag is combined from PLC name dot operand name and address. In your case if the PLC name is PLC1 and you wish to use MI1 then the tag name is PLC1.MI1 You can find also detailed information in UniOPC help under topic OPC Client: Item Syntax TCP Call Vs TCP Listen TCP Call - The PC (UniOPC) will initiate the connection with the PLC. (The PLC must have at least one socket configured to TCP slave) TCP Listen - The PLC will initiate the connection with the PC. (The PLC must have at least one socket configured to TCP master and using the function TCP connect) In most cases you will use TCP call meaning when you start UniOPC it will connect to the PLC.
  11. Hi, Currently there is no option to renumber the Alarms IDs.
  12. Hi madox, It seems that somehow the data is written instead to a CSV file to the folder itself.. Which VisiLogic version are you using? Which OS installed on the PLC? The latest VisiLogic version is 8.6.3 and you can download it from: http://www.unitronics.com/Data/Uploads/VisiLogic_Software_New/VisiLogicSetup_8_6_3.exe It seems that you will have to delete those subfolders/files (40;32,5) manually. Then please update the PLC to latest OS 3.1(29)and start testing again.
  13. Ofir

    OPCEnum as Service

    Hi, Are you running both UniOPC server and the Wondeware on the same PC? If yes then you do not need to use OPCEnum. Please note that there is no option to tun UniOPC server as service.
  14. Hi, Do you need the each digit as a number or as ASCII? If you need it as number then you can divide the number by 1000 then 100 and 10 and put the resutls in 4 MIs. If you need it as ASCII you first need to convert the number to ASCII you NUM to ASCII function (Strings menu)then using the function Map register bytes you can set in each MI one byte which is one character. Later if you need to send each character to a different sub index then you will need to excute the SDO download 4 times. You can prepare a data table with sub index ID and character and each time before sending the character you can check from the data table to which sub index to send.
  15. Hello, When sending Emails with attachment from the PLC via some mail servers to Gmail account the attachment somehow is received as raw data inside the body of the message and not as attachment. We noticed that there are some mail servers which the attachment received in Gmail account properly. Currently the fix is not scheduled - please refer the above information is a known issue.
  16. Hi, If you wish to send the customer project which will be downloaded using SD card then follow the below steps: Open the application using VisiLogic Under Project menu select the option "Create project files..." In the first Tab "Clone File.." if you wish to create only application file then select the .V57 option and click on create file Then you need to put this file .V57 in the SD card in folder User_App. (Basically you can send the customer the SD card or send him the file and he will put it on his SD. (Make sure the customer SD card is formatted properly) Now the customer can insert the card to the PLC and from Info mode --> SD --> Application -->upload to PLC After performing the above steps the application will be loaded to the PLC. Another option is to use the Unidownloader.
  17. Hi, Basically when you get the IP address of the mail server you need to know also the port number it is using. Besides of port 25 there are also servers which work on port 587 for example or other number, you can search this in google. Anyway please note that Gmail mail server based on SSL encryption which we do not support. We support mail servers that require authentication type login or plain and of course mail servers which do not require authentication.
  18. Hi Daminan, The Data Tables function is excuted even in the same net you placed it. That means that in the next element after the Data table function (In the same net ofcourse) the values are already updated.
  19. Hi Rick, Next time it happens, please make sure to get the status messages of this function so we will be able investigate this issue. Also please note that ejecting the SD and inserting it back also should release this system bit.
  20. Hi Stefan, If you wish each log to create a new line - set in the last row of the function "Create Delimeted line" the delimiters as CR and LF. \You can take a look at the example "SD_Card_Demo" in Unitronics Examples under SD folder.
  21. Hi Rick, Which VisiLogic version are you using? Please make sure you are using VisiLogic 8.6.1 Which OS version are you using? Please make sure you are using the latest OS 3.1(19). Does this bit stucks always on specific system or randomly? What is the status messages value of the function "Write Delimited Line"? Please sure also that the max vector you configured in the function "Create Delimeted line" is big enough to hold the vector. (Try to increase the vector lenght) If you still face the same issue please attach also the applicaiton and steps how to simulate the problem.
  22. Hi, Actually there is an option to establish connection with the PLC via Ethernet even if you did not configure PLC name and TCP/IP card init in the ladder code. The way to do it is as follows: Go into info mode --> Ethernet settings Set IP address,subnet mask and default gateway to match your network settings. Set one of the sockets to TCP slave with port number 20256. (Basically you can set other port number) Then check in info mode --> Operands --> system double words --> the value of SDW9 From VisiLogic or other Unitronics software set in the connection parameters: IP address of the PLC, TCP port and the PLC name (SDW9 value) Now you should be able to connect. Bill: For investigating this issue with the "strange" port numbers which you got by default - please send us the serial numbers of those PLCs. Thanks.
  23. Hi Tim, Thanks for the suggestion. I passed it to Unitronics R&D for review.
  24. Hi RickM, Status 521 means that the path of the file is not found. This can be caused by wrong folder or wrong file name in Email function - Please verify. Does the same application run on all units? We will take care to update the Error list in the help file. Sorry for the inconvinience.
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