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  1. Hi, Does the motor drives support Explicit messaging? or only implicit messaging? What is the maximum number of drives you are going to use? What is the speed you need to communicate with the drives? Please send also mail with this request to support@unitronics.com Thanks!
  2. Hi, It seems that somehow the socket was were not closed properly and this might be the reason there is no option to reconnect . Please set a power up value of 50 to SI103 – SI106 Keep alive according to the socket number you are using. (This is in units of 100ms) For example if you are using socket 0 then set a power up value of 50 to SI103. This enables the PLC to close the socket if there is no communication from the connected device.
  3. Hi Flex, It is not planned at the moment, but as you know things are always in progress.
  4. Hi What is the error message you receive in VisiLogic? (message box) did you try changing the baud rate in VisiLogic to 115200? Are you using USB to Serial or built in com port? you can try also communicating with the V570 using port 2 of the PLC.
  5. Hi, Usually when the PLC is in stop mode the default baud rate is 115200. Try to set in VisiLogic communication & OS menu the baud rate to 115200 and then try to download application. if you are still unable to connect - let me know what error message do you get?
  6. Hi, In VisiLogic under View menu select the option "Operands not referenced in the project". Then you can select each type of operand and clear the operands that are not referenced in the project.
  7. Hi, I woluld check all the instances of this MI (which is Operand A as you mentioned) in the program using the find tool. If you dont find it .. check if there are MIs before this address that somehow overwrite this MI. For example if the address of this MI is 104 and in other place of the program you are perfroming for example RTC to ASCII and the result goes to MI100 , it can overwrite MI104. In case you dont find the reason - send the applicaiton to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.
  8. Hi, What do you mean by "add up the calues of an array"? Do you wish to sum all the values of an array? If this is the case then of course you can write a simple logic that loads each time a value from the array according to offset and add it to some integer. What is the operation NOT for an integer? what shoud be the result? If you wish to toggle all the bits of the integer you can use the utility XOR where A is the number and B should be FFFF.
  9. Hi, The tag which is linked to "Is Active" property of a display will turn on immediatelly when the display is shown on the HMI and it will be reset when the display is no more showing on the HMI. in this case for example you can use a positive transition of this tag to call a function that you will prepare such as screen loading. You can also of course run a function while a display is shown using a direct contact of the "Is Active" to call this function.
  10. Hi, Are you refering to EX-RC1? if not then what is the interface of the remote IO? For example if it is third party remote IO which support Ethernet - you can connect routers , one at the PLC side and one at the Remote IO side and communicate over Ethernet. iIf you are referring to EX-RC1 then we dont have expirience with CANBUS wireless adapters but if tehy are transparent then the configuration should be the same as in our examples.
  11. Hi, It is recommended that the CONFIG FB's (from FB's menu) will be placed inthe main routine but it can also be placed in a routine that is called every scan. I don't think the issues that you are facing with NUM to ASCII and write delimited line should not be related to the fact tehy are not placed in the main routine. The problem might be related to the order of the logic. In case you are still facing this issue you can send the applicaiton to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.
  12. Hi DC Joe, Yes you will need additional RS485 port. There is no option to have 2 masters on the same BUS. In this case you will need to add the UAC-02RSC. (This communication module has one RS232 port and one RS485 port). You will need to use the built in RS485 port for Slave purposes and the addtional port as Master. Are you sure that the SCADA doesnt support Etherent connection? If yes then you can set the UniStream as Slave on the Etherent port and Master on the built in RS485 port.
  13. Hi Joesteva, Please send an Email to Support@unitronics.com as we wish to contact you directly about this case. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Yes there is a workaround for including string in Email body. First you can compose a message in the message composer which support strings as well..(Raw data) Then in Ladder first activate the Build message which will place the message in a buffer. Now from the Toolbox you can find under the Buffer tools the utility "Append Buffer to User File". (Choose to create TXT file). This will create a TXT file in the external SD. Then in the Email instead composing the body of the mail, go to attachments and select the option TXT(Body. this option will take the content of TXT file you created and place in the body of the mail. I hope this helps!
  15. Hi, The best way in the case is to use Aperiodic. Select MODBUS Master in the Solution explorer and then on the properties window you should be able to select between Periodic and Aperiodic. Once Aperiodic selected you will see in the table that the columns of the periods doesnt exist anymore. Now you can choose from the Ladder toolbox COM:Modbus --> MODBUS Aperiodic Trigger and link the commnad you wish to send. Please make sure set a delay between activations of different MODBUS Aperiodic Trigger.
  16. Hi, The memory structure of the Vision and UniStream is different and this is why this command is not supported. Anyway I will pass this request to our R&D for review.
  17. Hi, The unit ID is determined via SI8 or using the ladder element "Set PLC network ID". VisiLogic doesnt search for this functions as it can be indirect (ID from operand and not constant). Also using VisiLogic you can online or download regardless the program which is open.
  18. Hi, Can you explain in more details what exactly do not work with the timers? Do you see in online mode the correct timer preset? when activating the timer do you see that the current time is changing?
  19. Hi, Indeed you can use the jump to display option in ordert to jump directly from Alarm Details display to another display of your applicaiton. See in Alarms help topic more details how to implement the jump to display option.
  20. Hi, There operands might be in use in the "Watch" window. If not then you can send the project to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.
  21. Hi, First - in the create delimited line , you set the start of vector that hold the data to MI400 and the Max vector length as MI650. In online mode I can see that the MI650 is 0 , you need to set it to the number of bytes that will be used. Also in the write delimited line you chose MI800 instead of MI400. The input of the write delimited line should be the start of vector that hold the data. If you are still facing issues please send mail to support@unitronics.com witht the application and we will help accordingly.
  22. Hi, As I understnad you are using "Create Delimited line" and "write delimited line" ladder utilities. First of all make sure that the Max vector length you set in "Create Delimited line" is enough to contain all the data. Then check also that the file name (if it is linked to MI) is in ASCII.
  23. Hi, when do you receive this error? while opening the applicaiton? downloading? etc.. Try the following: Right click on the file and choose "Run as Administrator" If you still get the same error send the application to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.
  24. Hi, Check that you are using only one coil per timer in your applicaiton.(Ctrl +F) Also check that the subroutine that includes the timer is being called only once in a scan. (you can right click on the subroutine and choose find)
  25. Hi, As you mentioned you can use the ladder utility Force Integral to initialize or change the error value while the application is running. You can erase wind up error by writing '0' into the function, which is written into the PID loop's Integral Value in the PID Config struct.
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