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  1. Cost- - this is essentially a learning project for me, I agreed to do it for my old High School for free if they paid for the parts. The entire project had to come in at under 2k and of course I left about $500 wiggle room but that is not enough to get new or used CAM encoders from what I've found. I think the best bet is to use the M91 as the I/o slave over CAN. I will look into that further. I did find these... http://www.conceptoverdrive.com/products/cancoder_.php Which will make the encoders CANopen compatible but at $200 each they are still not cheap and its just one more thing to
  2. Hi all, I am working on my first Unitronics project and have a 570 with the E1B snap in I/o. However I need one more shaft encoder for my project (total of 3). Can I use a M90 as the third encoder input? Is there any way to use another oplc as just remote I/o? How would I get the shaft encoder MI from the M90 into the 570? I would assume modbus but I wonder if its fast enough? Is there a better way to do all of this? Just for background the 3 encoders are monitoring the positions of the outputs of 3 motors driving 3 platforms back and fourth. The motors are controlled with vfd's over modbus a
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